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$269 – $328, 5 to 6 Parks Flex Ticket Adult/Child

If you’re staying in Orlando in some places with many days to spend and you could see that that are many attractions in Orlando for you to visit such as Universal Studio Orlando, Universal’s Islands Adventure, SeaWorld Orlando, Aquatica Water Park, and Busch Gardens Tampa Bay, Disney World, and many other places in the city. You know that you have so much time left to you but what you don’t have that much is the budget to be in those places and so, it could be great to visit many amusement parks, water parks, and other attractions in one place. Today, after the research, many tourist and visitors choose to purchase Orlando Flex Ticket and Flex Ticket Plus. The flex ticket works like a charm as the super park pass allowing access to 5 or 6 parks based on the ticket type. The Flex ticket pass holder will have access to Universal Studio Orlando, Universal’s Islands of Adventure, Sea World Orlando, Aquatica Water Park, Wet’n Wild and Busch Gardens at Tampa Bay. No, you don’t have to be there in these parks in a day since the Flex Ticket holder will have their time for 14 consecutive days by that once the ticket is purchased and registered as well as specify the date to start, you will have to be there at each park to make it worth for your ticket. Buying Orlando Flex Ticket can be very easy because there are about 3-4 websites that are distributing the ticket. The most popular website is Seaworldparks.com but you would have to make the phone call to make reservations altogether with booking the hotel as the package. However, there are a couple more websites that we would like to introduce here that you can literally purchase the ticket online with extra savings that you might not have imagined before. The first website to introduce is “Bestoforlando.com” which is the website that focuses much on Orlando attractions, amusement parks, ride tickets, and so on and these are its pricing.

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Jun 10, 2015 by Anonymous

$20 off all at once for 3 passes!

6 parks together indeed!
Sep 01, 2013 by Anonymous

Just saved my long weekend budget of about $7 each person. Thanks!

Cheaper like they said
Sep 01, 2013 by Anonymous
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it is cheaper like recommended but the flex ticket and plus can only work up until 31 dec 2013

Stepcoupons.com California Mountain View CA, 94043 USA 4.7 5.0 3 3 $20 off all at once for 3 passes!

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Orlando FlexTicket 5 Parks/6 Parks (BestofOrlando.com)

The Orlando Flex Ticket is on sales at BestofOrlando.com and it is the cheapest ticket price of all the online store selling it. If you have already had your hotel stay, then, buying Flex Ticket from this website is your best choice. The pricing for the tickets are as followed:

  • 5 Parks 14 Consecutive Days Adult – $288
  • 5 Parks 14 Consecutive Days Child – $269
  • 6 Parks 14 Consecutive Days Adult – $328
  • 6 Parks 14 Consecutive Days Child – $307

You can take your time to compare the pricing from BestofOrlando.com VS other websites and see if we’re really telling the truth (the price for 2013 and expectedly 2014). Before making any payment at bestoforlando.com, there will date for you to choose within 14 days. You can visit any park, any time, in any day in 14 days ( for example, you can visit 2 parks in one day and it is OK ). The park that you can use the Flex Ticket are as followed:

  1. Universal Studios Florida Theme Park
  2. Universal’s Island of Adventure Theme Park
  3. The Paid Entertainment Venues of Universal CityWalk
  4. Wet’n Wild Orlando Water Park
  5. SeaWorld Orlando Adventure Park and Aquatica
  6. Busch Gardens at Tempa Bay (available only with 6 Parks FlexTicket)

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Orlando FlexTicket 5 Parks/6 Parks (officialTicketCenter.com)

Orlando Flexticket for both 5 and 6 parks are also available at this website, officialticketcenter.com but they are selling at a higher price than bestoforlando.com. The principle is the same as Bestoforlando.com but the only matter is the big matter of the pricing differences

  • 5 Parks 14 Consecutive Days Adult – $292
  • 5 Parks 14 Consecutive Days Child – $276
  • 6 Parks 14 Consecutive Days Adult – $333
  • 6 Parks 14 Consecutive Days Child – $314

The Flex Ticket will give you the access to these following parks (pretty much the same thing)

  1. Universal Studios Orlando
  2. Universal’s Island of Adventure
  3. SeaWorld Orlando
  4. Aquatica Water Park
  5. Wet’n Wild
  6. Busch Gardens at Tempa Bay (for 6 Flex Ticket Only)

Busch Gardens Tampa Bay

Orlando FlexTicket 5 Parks/6 Parks (orlandoflexticket.co.uk)

This could be the official site for FlexTicket in UK, of course, people in States can also purchase through this website. You can buy ticket for 2 options, the first one is ticket only with attraction tickets direct and Floridatix. Also, you can choose holidays and tickets at the same time that tied-in with British Airways Holidays, Thomas Cook Holidays, Thomson Holidays, Virgin Holidays. The ticket direct are:

  • 5 Parks 14 Consecutive Days Adult – £194
  • 5 Parks 14 Consecutive Days Child – £181
  • 6 Parks 14 Consecutive Days Adult – £221
  • 6 Parks 14 Consecutive Days Child – £208

seaworld orlando passes discount

By converting pound sterling into USD, the price seems to be a bit more expensive than Best of Orlando and the officialticketcenter.com. The purpose of this website is mainly to be the portal for people in UK who might be interested in long vacations in Orlando Florida with kids and the places to stay. The price is more expensive though but it might be more convenient for people in UK to book through OrlandoFlexticket.co.uk as when there’re any questions or issues, they will be able to contact the crew directly in UK.