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Six Flags Over Georgia Promo Code

Six Flags over Georgia theme park is another theme park chain that belongs to Six Flags. The park is located toward the west of Atlanta which was firstly opened during the year 1976. Unlike six flags hurricane harbor and Six flags Magic Mountain. Over Georgia is the theme park that was originally owned by Six Flags itself meaning that the park started with the name six flags without being in the take over process from other park. Six Flags knows that there are hundred of thousands visitors to Over Georgia each year and that’s why it wants to help the visitors to save more purchasing passes with six flags. It also wants to encourage the visitors to purchase the passes, one day ticket, flash passes and more through online at Sixflags.com. Six Flags has been then offering Six Flags Promo Code altogether with Over Georgia Promo code so that customers and visitors will try to purchase the passes online and save more with the promo code and coupon code. The type of promo code that can be used to get discount from purchasing the passes must be the code that officially released from Six Flags only. Customers and visitors won’t be able to use other promo code for other parks and get discount. The nature of the promo code for Over Georgia park is to get discount on passes, to receive free gifts and free items once enter six flags gate and the promo code will sometimes provide free parking for the customers who used the promo code and drive the car to the park. Over Georgia promo code can save the passes price as well as letting customers and visitors to enjoy with over 39 rides at Six Flags Over Georgia. These 39 rides are located in different areas within six flags park and there are 12 ride areas we can list them all down below.



British Section

Georgia Cyclone–is the only ride in this area but it’s ver popular. Riders can enjoy with maximum thrill on the wooden coaster with up and down against the earth gravity. Georgia Cyclone is being sponsored by M&M’S

Bugs Bunny World

IN Bugs Bunny world, all the rides and plays are being featured by the Looney tunes troops which will attract the children. Most of the rides won’t give much thrill but they all have been designed to let the family and family members enjoy the ride together in this section

Carrot Patch–Designed for younger children, they can go and enjoy the carrot patch which is featured by looney toon

Convoy Grande–Riding 4 convoys at the same time. With this monster trucks, they will take your children for a ride and enjoy them.

Fiesta Wheel–The ride sounds very fiest but it’s not. Take your child up to the moving around spinning bucket of Bugs Bunny.

Little Aviator–It’s the flying lessons for kids no adults allowed!

Santa Maria–This ride allows the whole family to join together in the swinging pirate ship that is floating in the air.

Toro Toro–Ride the bull is sometimes exhausted and painful. But riding toro toro bull, no adult is allowed and it’s fun to ride all day

Tweety’s Swings–Rider can tell how fun it’s going to be by its name. Children are allowed in this ride sitting on the safety seat with spinning around

Tweety’s Tree House–This is a soft version of bouncing tower for older kids. It’s not that thrill for adults but it does for kids

Cotton States

Dodge City Bumper Cars–The only bumper’s car in Over Georgia

Hanson Cars–This is just like convoy grande, but the only thing that change is the shap of the vehicle to ride. This ride is being presented in the form of classic motor car which ride around the park.

Ninja Ride–This ride is located at cotton states and it’s the first ride that gives the most and the first thrill from the area. It’s being called “the black belt thrill steel coaster”

Rockin’Tug–It’s the tugboat and more than 10 people can have a ride on.

Sky Coaster–It’s the unique bunjy jump like coaster. This coaster will drop the riders down toward the ground with 50 mph speed and suck them back to the sky for several times.

Superman : Ultimate flight–the rider feel be traveling at the speed of light just like flying in the sky. This ride is pretty much the same as the one in Magic Mountain which will give maximum thrill.

The Great American Scream–Scary by its name to give all the American the loudest scream. It’s the wooden coaster that has been recorded as one of the tallest coaster in the world.

The Riverview Carousel–A relax horse riding machine that was being built in contribution to the national register of historic places

Up, Up and Away–A balloon like ride that will take the riders up to the sky, this ride does not gives that much thrill but to just let them relax from have ones from the park.


French Section

Monster Mansion–It’s the the ride but it’s the mansion full of mysterious waiting for the kids to find out

Rabun Gap Railroad Station–The french railroad that go along the metal rail. The riders can enjoy the sceneries while on tour

Georgia Section

Log Jamboree–The ride can only be ridden during the warm and cold temperature and not during the cooler temperature. Riders will meet water fall at Log Jamboree and get somewhat wet riding it.

The Georgia Scorcher–It’s the fastest stand up coaster in the Southeast and it’s Georgia Scrocher which gives the rider the maximum thrill. This ride is being sponsored by Georgia Natural Gas Company

Gotham City

Batman: The Ride–It’s the imagination of this coaster under the Gotham City in the movie. Riders will be screamed really loud riding this Batman. It’s 1 of the 2 most thrill ride from Gotham City

Gotham City Crime Wave–It’s the swinging chair with a moderate thrill for the riders. The riders will be thrown swinging around on the chair and scream

Mind Bender–It’s the 3 loop coaster which gives thrill rating of 10/10, it does not only freak you out ( in a good way ) but it can bend your mind too.

Lickskillet Section

Lickskillet Sky Buckets–The sky bucket that will take you from one place to another. However, the sky bucket park is currently closed for temporarily.

Splash Water Falls–Getting wet and getting fun at the same time. Riders will enter the boat that fits for 20 people and the boat will jump off the 5 stories waterfall. This ride is being sponsored by StarBurst

Thunder River–10 or more people can fit on the Thunder River raft that looks like a grand canyon adventure.

Wheelie–It’s the feel of thrill with high spinning speed. This ride will not only spin the riders to be dizzy but it will lift them up vertically as well.

Peachtree Square

Acrophobia–It’s the dropping ride machine from the 16 stories height, but the only different thing is that the riders are not on the seat, they’re standing and dropping at the same time.

Dahlonega Mine Train–Gold digging mission is what best describe this ride. Riders will be seated on the ride that looks like it’s been used for gold mining with a little moderate thrill.

Marthasville Railroad Station–Make your journey to the entire park on this train

Peachtree Square Sky Buckets–Same thing as Lickskillet Sky Buckets and it’s temporary closed at this moment.

Skull Island

There’s only one ride in skull island which is called the skull island and it’s currently open until this coming september 2011.

Spanish Section

Only one ride in this section which is called WILE E.COYOTE Canyon Blaster which is featured by Looney tunes characters the WILE E. COYOTE and the roadrunner

USA Section

Dare Devil Dive–A new ride that is being tagged to be one of the most extreme thrill to dare the devil. The movement of the coaster is just like the jet fighter where the riders will be moving at the extreme speed with head up side down with the height of 10 stories building

Goliath–This ride is being sponsored by SNICKER. It’s the ride that is so huge and that’s why it was named after the giant goliath with maximum thrill

Whistletop Park

Whistlestop Park Playground–the park is for small kids but need to be accompanied by adult

Whistlestop Train–The train will take you and your kids all around the Whistlestop park

Instructions to use Hurricane Harbor Promo Code

These are the steps to use six flags promo code at Over Georgia Atlanta

Step 1 : Reveal Six Flags promo code

You’ll be redirected to sixflags.com page as well as seeing the promo code for sixflags

Step 2 : Enter Promo Code

In this step, there’s no need to select the park just yet, wait for the next step to select the park near you or the park where you’re going to go to.

Step 3 : Select the park near you.

On this page, you can use the drop down box so that you can see all parks available for purchasing pass online. Try to look carefully as the letter name is sometimes look very tidy and you may mistakenly select the wrong park.

Step 4 : Select Six Flags Product

On this page, you’ll find many Six Flags products, such as season pass, tickets, flash pass, family pass, daily tickets and much more. Do not be overwhelmed by these options, just go for the one that you want the most.

Step 5 : Select Six Flags Promotion

Once the product is being chosen from you, follow a few steps in the purchase procedure and arrive at the promotion page of six flags. On this page, you’ll find what the promo code would give you. For example, one-day admission theme park + safari, Cold Stone one-day general use admission for $34.99.

Step 6 : Review your shopping cart

You need to review your shopping card and double check it as you might never know if you’ve missed something or getting of what you don’t need in extra and will end up paying more.

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