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It is new and it has just arrived! Paintshop Pro X6 Ultimate is now released from corel software development team with full feature pack and with the stunning low price. Before jumping to the specification and to tell what the X6 Ultimate Paintshop could do, the pricing for the full version of this software is only $99.99 for download and box version. For those upgrading from Paintshop Pro X5 Ultimate, then, it is only $79.99 for an upgrade which is very low for the software from comparing the performance. The new stunning 64 bit performance photo editing software with the well-known facefilter3 photo retouching and beautifying toolkit has just hit the market in September with about 7 new features. Now, we understand that everyone could be looking for the discount promotion from and because the software has just arrived in the past few days, we don’t expect any promotion to come very soon. However, the Paintshop Pro X6 Ultimate has come together at the same time with Photo Video suite X6 but this 2 software won’t cross the line but if we would recommend to purchase the Photo Video Suite X6 if you’re planning to work on both photos and videos at the same time and might not want to purchase each of them individually. Now, here comes the best part, the Paintshop Pro X6 deals and promotions. Normally, would have its deals and promotion page that customers can land and see the discounted price. However we have decided to put the current coupon code for Corel PaintShop Pro x6 Ultimate instead. See them all here.

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worked perfectly with adobe
Sep 06, 2013 by Anonymous

love the part of which it supports adobe plugin

Have coupon for digital download?
Sep 06, 2013 by Anonymous

there's only coupon code for box purchase, anyone?

Waiting for the deal
Sep 06, 2013 by Anonymous

There's no deal yet but the upgrade pricing is very tempting California Mountain View CA, 94043 USA 3.3 4.0 3 3 love the part of which it supports adobe plugin

The New Feature

  • Athentech Imaging – this is where science and technology meets, the perfectly clear feature by Athentech imaging will sharpen your digital photos with the software and technology developed by corel
  • FaceFilter3 – You don’t have to make up to look sexy and pretty when you have Paintshop pro x6 ultimate. With the pure face, the software can make you look sexy and sharpen your face instantly
  • 64 Bit Power – The quality result and output from using 64-bit technology has never been this awesome. It is the highest quality engine Corel ever put in its software at this moment
  • Video learning – Don’t waste time reading the manual, corel has got you covered as the video tutorials inside the software walking you through each step you stuck.
  • Auto Selection – Want to cut ONLY your friend image, body, caption from the image file to maybe make scrap or photo books? No problem, this function will be really helpful.
  • Smart Selection Brush – Don’t you love to fix the color, shadow, and fixture on specific area of the image? This one is a quick brushstroke that can brush over the sample of the colors of the textures.
  • Paintshop Pro Tutorial Sessions – Learn to use the Paintshop Pro X6 from the real expert, and every customers are invited to sign up for the class.
facelifter3 feature

facelifter3 feature

Why Do You Need Photoshop Pro X6 Ultimate?

If you can’t see yourself in their company because you’re not an artist and you don’t draw, paint, or photograph, just don’t give up what you’re going to hope for.
There’s another artists’ helper software around, and you can, with the help of the brilliant Corel PaintShop Pro X6, the newest software program from Corel, join right in– even if you’re allergic to sunlight. This colony consists of artists using PaintShop Photo Pro, where you can create electronic works of art from your digital photographs from all types of files. PaintShop Pro X Series is an ultimate photo editor and organizer software package, designed to give you the wide range of features required when working with digital images. Its abundance of impressive features allows you to easily share, organize, and edit your digital photos. Do you want to learn how to build amazing slide shows or get into digital scrapbooking? How about organizing the thousands of digital images stored on your computer hard drive, camera, or memory card? To accomplish those tasks, you need software like PaintShop Photo Pro. Let’s take a brief look at some of the specific things you can do with PaintShop Pro X6

autoselection from corel

Corel AutoSelection Feature from Corel

Because digital photography gives you the freedom to take as many photos as you like, you’ll quickly pile up a very large number of digital files. You can then identify the photos that you want to keep and go on from there. Let’s begin by looking at the creative journey you take with photographs. Called the digital workflow, these steps are not written in stone, but rather a series of typical steps. The first step is, of course, taking the picture with your camera. Many digital photographers prefer to shoot their images in RAW mode, which gives them the equivalent of a digital negative. Chapter 6, “Manually Editing Images,” has a section about RAW images and how PaintShop Photo Pro processes them. However, whether you use RAW mode or just a point-and-shoot camera with standard JPG images, you still have to take the picture. After that, you’ll probably make an adjustment or two to the image, perhaps to brightness, saturation, or color. Maybe you want to crop or straighten the image to better bring the subject into focus, or you want to remove something distracting from the image. You discover these types of enhancements in Chapters 5, “Making Quick Fixes,” and 6. When the picture is exactly the way you want it, you might want to share the image, either by printing it, uploading it to a Web site, or e-mailing it to someone. PaintShop Pro X6 manages all these steps for you– except for taking the photograph, of course! You accomplish the transfer process, the editing processes, and the sharing process all through one of the three PaintShop Pro X6 workspaces. Let’s take a look… The next step is to bring the image into PaintShop Pro X6. You can transfer photos from your digital camera, memory card, or other storage device to your computer. You can also access scanned images. WORKSPACE is an environment that facilitates complete photo project management. Each of the three PaintShop Pro X6 with a cleaner workspaces– the Organizer, the Express Lab, and the Full Editor– contains many tools to assist you. Well, what about your digital photographs? If you’re like most digital camera users, you have hundreds, probably thousands, of priceless memories stored on your computer. You could spend an enormous amount of time looking for that one photograph— you know, the one where your brother has the really funny grin on his face. Consider also that one bad lightning storm could crash your hard drive and permanently obliterate your entire photographical history.