Perricone MD Exclusive 72 Hour Offer

Free Gift With Purchase

It is once again the new deal from the well-known and trusted cosmetics with doctor designed source, This time, it has come back with one the best promotions after it had released the promotion on the unpeel blue plasma formula with promotion on the introductory offer with exclusive price whenever any customers sign up for the replenishment program. At this time, the promotion has got better to kick start everyone beauty regimen with free of Perricone Md’s most beloved beauty essential.

perricone md 72 hour deal

Perricone MD has now arranged the exclusive 72 hour offer from Perricone MD product line, and everyone who knows the new coupon code from Perricone MD will be able to get a free 1 oz face finishing moisturizer for $32.50 value with any purchase of $125 or more. This limited time offer is of course limited for 72 hours only and it will only start from January 27, 2013 up until 29th on the same month. Don’t worry about the delivery because all orders include with free shipping. Now, when we say the order must be more than $125 or more in order to get the free stuff and we have recommendations on the 5 stars product such as Blue Plasma, Cold Plasma, Acy-Glutathione Eye Lid Serum, Skin & Total Body Supplements, Face Finishing Moisturizer Deluxe mini oz. We have to repeat this again that these are the most popular products and also the best sellers with the highest price less than $150. Customers can combine these items together to make up $150 order in order to use Perricone MD coupon code to activate discount.

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