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Each companies in the United States are require to follow the employment law strictly and so there are certain requirement and compliance matter to follow. One of the regulation is that, the company must post labor law posters and compliance posters to announce the changes of labor law, benefits of the employees and much more in order to let them prepare and aware. Getting employment and labor law posters are required by many states and one of them is California and the website to get this labor law poster is such as Now, if the companies are located outside of California, then, companies need another website to take care of this matter and the website is who provides labor law posters and compliance posters for many states such as Alabama, Arizona, Alaska, Arkansas, Illinois, Colorado, Kentucky, and other states as well as the Federal Posters. would like to provide the method for all of the companies to order posters from by using coupon codes.

personnel concepts key codes

Personnel concepts Key Code or coupon code is the special code of which companies can use to apply to get extra discount and special offer from the website on any purchase made through Whether the companies are looking for all on one labor law posters, state only posters, employee handbooks, OSHA safety posters, FMLA compliance, I-9 compliance, and other human resources tools, they can be purchased with extra discount. Since from the past, has been collecting all personnel concepts key code and we have gathered them in this post of which can be revealed all.



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Workplace communication is considered a very critical matter to do because the more workers in the company as well as the employees, information and news should be flown over to the working group better. The easier the news and information is spread through the working group, the better the effectiveness of public relation in the company. The spreading of information and public relation has its both side effects. The good side is that, everyone knows all about the news and updated information the company wishes them to know. By this, the employees are aware of the change, the upcoming, and the news and so they can adjust, amend, and adapt themselves according to the information provided in the announcement. However, on the other hands, the easily flown of information can be considered as leakage of news among the employees and become rumors eventually. Normally, the announcement from the companies will be both coming down from the top departments, CEO, and the top management that would like to announce something to their employees and another one is the news and announcement coming from the government and the official section such as the Labor Law for each year, safety from OSHA, and more. Let’s everyone get started on the first type of company’s PR or announcement and the method that a company uses to deliver the message to their employees

Posters, Announcement Board – By this way, the company would have its human resource development department print out the big poster with approved signature to be posted on the company’s announcement board. It is the way to let everyone who passes by to stop by to read the available information on the board. This method of announcement, the company would usually pair it together with other forms such as email. However, many companies who actually have more blue collar workers than the office ones, they use posters as their major announcement channel.

Emails – It is one of the fastest forms of company’s announcement which will go directly to each personal’s email account. It is the most accurate form of company’s PR as well because everyone needs to open their email and read. Sending emails to individual, the company can also customize the target receivers too and the matters are such as the salary adjustment, the regulation changes in each department and more. However, the pitfall of sending email is that, lower level of employees won’t be able to receive any email because they might not have any but this can always be used with company’s posters to be more effective.

Website – this is just the most common form of company’s announcement. Putting the information in the company’s website to announce the news is popular worldwide. However, there are some certain messages that the outsiders should know and it has to be carefully picked. Internal announcement must be announced through secured channel. This method is being used widely in the large organizations.

Verbal Announcement – This method is the easiest and quickest way to do, it is being used in many offices as informal announcement. However, once announced, the news and message can’t be controlled as different employees might convey based on their understanding.

A good announcement must be based on the type of information whether it is a sensitive matter and it is based on the seriousness of the matter as well. The announcement from the law such as the employee announcement, the official requires the company post the poster on the announcement board according to the law such as the state and federal labor law. Each company must follow this regulation strictly to comply with the regulation in each states.

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