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Product: Framed Art, Canvas, Lucite art, Picture Frame, Pictures
Website: PolaroidFotobar.com, ( Polaroid PhotoBar )
Price: $29-$169
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It is coming back to live and at this time it sends a division to test the market before the real deal happens. Everyone Knows Polaroid camera that allows the photo shooters to get instant picture from the print out from the camera, then, everyone knows the name of Polaroid brand, when we say something about Polaroid, we know that we’re going to get the print out of the image in the matter of seconds and not having to visit the photo shop in the mall or around the neighborhood. Today, Polaroid is back with proud operating its business in a more modern way. Back in 2007, Polaroid was the leader in the digital camera where photo shooter doesn’t need the film to get the picture, however, when there was the booming of the memory card in the digital camera, Polaroid camera sales has been dropped drastically because buying film VS Polaroid film VS memory card, and everyone choose the last option.

After 2007, Polaroid is back and had shaken the photo shooting industry by releasing the new instant digital camera which was the integration of the old Polaroid camera with the digital camera from the company’s research and investment. The new concept of Polaroid digital camera was very successful and the most popular Polaroid digital camera at that time was Polaroid z340 which is the most perfect digital camera + instant camera as one. The reason why we say it is perfect has been because this Polaroid digital camera will be used to take the picture as normal. Once the picture is taken, this Polaroid camera won’t print out the image just yet. However, it allows user to edit and enhance the picture with the built-in effects such as Lomo, Fisheye, Vintage color tool, and much more that works the same way as many digital camera but the different is it can print out! The trick is not ended with the image enhancement only but Polaroid allows the user to play with the film border too!
From the development and everything, Polaroid has now become another step up from their long-time quiet business. That’s why today we see Polaroid Fotobar as another investment from Polaroid.com. The company’s expertise and the employee’s skill have been located into Polaroid Fotobar in order to print out Canvas, Picture Frame, LED Art, framed art, and more for the customers who would upload their images and photos from online and order the print out at PolaroidFotobar.com. The businesses of Polaroid Fotobar has been getting better and it is having a very bright future taking advantage of the social network channel where people are crazy about showing off their holiday’s photos uploaded into the social network such as Facebook.com, Picasa, Flickr, Smugmug, Facebook, and many more.

About Polaroid Fotobar

Polaroid, 75 years young, remains relevant to instant photography for the digital age. Polaroid Fotobar takes your pictures to a whole new level of convenience and creativity. Allowing you to turn your favorite photographs into museum quality art from ANYWHERE! Release your trapped images and decorate your world with Polaroid Fotobar custom-made art. From Framed Art to Canvas, Mounted Art to Metal Prints, Polaroid Fotobar takes your photos and transforms them into museum quality masterpieces. Prices starting at $29.95 up to $169.95 USD

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