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Raxco has such a great idea to develop PolicyLock to increase the productivity and security level for the company as a whole. Today, on this page, we would like to introduce the possible promotional code, coupon codes, and Policy Lock discount from Raxco.com so that everyone can have their chance to save on this policy lock software and system. The use of Policy Lock system is very effective for larger organizations and companies that have sophisticated system plus requiring higher security level as a whole. It helps to save so much cost that the company can even reduce the size of the department and stay in controlled. The possible way to get PolicyLock with discount is to use Raxco promotional code to receive better discount on Policy Lock system at Raxco.com. Apparently, there are available coupon codes that might work for Policy Lock at Raxco.com which are dollar discount such as 30% code but we’re not quite certain that they can be use with business solutions like Policy Lock. However, if you have any chance to purchase, try to use coupon code in the shopping cart just like illustrated below.

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The Admin’s Peace of Mind

As an administrator, your job is in charge of an organization’s computers and applications. You also know that left on their own in case the users mis-configure the applications as they are managing on their own setting. This is the problem that we don’t just talk about just one computer or one user incorrectly configure their laptops, desktops, other computers, but we’re talking about ten or hundreds of them. That means causes the helpdesk would have been reported so many computers are in downtime leaving application configuration up to the end user is almost always a bad ideas by manually reconfigure the desktop. It is now related to the policy management that the computer units in the station must be up and running so that everyone can work smoothly and we have a way to stop running around to eliminate unproductive downtime from machine to machine and the end users the ability to regain control of the desktops, laptops, and applications allowing the end users to create the configuration that ensure the policy settings and to make sure that they are all locked down to avoid misconfiguration and security problems. The problem that the users modify their setting is now things of the past and we have to say thank you to policy lock from Raxco software.

Policy Lock Down Benefits

What PolicyLock Can Do?

  • PolicyLock doesn’t deliver applications because you have already had software for that but Policy Lock works to deliver your important applications, settings, and permanently lock them down so the users can modify or work around them. With Policy Lock You Can:
  • Eliminate the ability for end users to change or work around the settings which is simpler, safer, and more secure for working environment
  • Stay on control maintain setting lockdown even when the end point computer is offline which guarantee your company the IT securities are adhere to.
  • PolicyLock is the standard compliance which manage with group policy management console, Microsoft SCCM, or your own systems management utility of where to quickly deliver the application settings to your end points. Take back control of your IT life or life working as an IT administrator. Using the Policy Lock is just like you’re holding the master key for policy settings lockdown and so no one can break your policy setting rules, no playing around, and the application setting with computers and laptops will always stay the same and it will only be changed when you say so.

Benefits of Policy Lock Down

Before getting the Policy Lock for your organizations, then, it is good to know what could be the benefits for the admin and the company as a whole:

  • Increase Security Level – The security is very important for a company when the users don’t have enough knowledge on the computer, they can bring the drive from home containing viruses and then infect the computer by changing the configurations.
  • Help people to focus on working – The trend in the office today, people tend to use social network website from the office computer, playing games, and chatting, then, the system admin will usually set the configuration to block those activities. Some users know how to fix it and that’s the major problem. With Policy Lock from Raxco, the users are now unable to change the setting and so problems solved!
  • Reduce System Admin Jobs – Most companies, there are very few system administrators and there are calls coming from the end users all day long on their computer problems. This will create headaches for the system admin to waste more time walking there to the station and fix the computer individually. Also, when coming back to the system admin room, here come more calls. With Policy Lock, the problems could be solved automatically and save a lot of time from both side.
  • Reduce the dispute – Based on true experiences, the system admin VS other departments would usually have dispute among each other because of the computer settings and problems related to the configurations. With Policy Lock, then, the disputes have lesser chance to happen among the team and the company’s employees.

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