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You know now, one of the best 3D animation software in the world that helps everyone to save time in constructing and producing 3D models as well as with great library to choose the movement, the clothing, the skin for the model to create animation. Poser 10 has now launched altogether with Poser Pro 2014, and MotionArtist. Everyone is then, looking for discount to purchase all of them by either using the most recent smithmicro discount coupon or the introductory discount for Poser 10 itself. That’s why today, we would like to introduce the way to get extra discount from buying Poser 10 at Poser.Smithmicro.com. First of all, buying the new version for new customer will accost $299.99, but today the price has dropped 20% up to 60% Discount for introductory pricing for a very limited time.



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For customers who have already purchased Poser in the previous version or the side grade from Pro, Pro 2010, Pro 2012, they can get 50% off the list price plus another 10% for the early bird discount ( list price is $299.99, Normal Upgrade Pricing $149.99, but with special introductory pricing = $119.99 or about 60%). For those who have Poser 9, they can also get about 50% off, and those upgrading from Poser 6-8, then, the 40% off applied.

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Steps in Building 3D Animation

There are 2 types of 3D model building that a person needs to take them into consideration because the 2 ways in building 3D model requires different level of skills and attention as well as software. The first type is the 3D model that doesn’t contain any movement of the character. Because the character won’t move and it is just the building of the 3D model and it stays still, this doesn’t require much of the high technology software or time. However, what’s important is the building of 3D animation that moves and this require special skills and tasks. Now, there are 7 steps involved in the building of both 3D model and 3D animations.

  1. Sketching and draw the storyboard – This is the way a person specify the timing that he/she will write, draw, and story about the 3D animation or movie that they want to build the 3D according to it
  2. Modeling – It is the building of model for the major character in 3D using software such as Maya, 3D Max, Poser Pro 2014, and more.
  3. Add in layer – Adding the layer or the skin to the character will make each character looks unique. Such as building the glass, the glass should be shiny and see through. If building the human, then, the human skin should be different as well as the clothing that the character will wear
  4. Movement – Each animations are identical, they look lightly different because of the perspective. It is to specify the movement of the model that can be done many different ways. Specify the route that the character will move is also important
  5. The setup, lights, and camera – the place where the character will be walking, running, lying down, and so on is also very important. The environment such as the light and the camera view will also change the way the character look in the scene
  6. Add in Special Effects – This is the pre-closing of the 3D job. A person should add in the effects in each scene such as the thunderstorm, the light, wind, laser beam and whatever it is that will go together with the story
  7. Rendering and compositing – The final step before the master piece is released out in Youtube.com. It is to make the 3D model can actually move. Edit the work and so the 3D story can run smoothly.

Popular 3D Software in The Present Day

The 3D animation software is a huge part in the 3D model and animation or games development. However, we need to know the right software in order to go on with the right 3D job. Even though there are 100 of 3D rendering software in the market, it doesn’t means that a person needs to know all of them and able to use all of them. It is just that the user should be good in using one software at its best or maximum capability. Now, there are numbers of software in the market but we would like to introduce just 4 most popular software and let us begin with the first one Poser or Poser Pro from Smithmicro software publisher

  • Poser and Poser Pro 2014 – Counting down to 2015 or 2016, Poser is a very simple to use software which contains the effect tools and tools that help in the movement of the 3D character. Users can just choose to use the movement from the movement library. The animation controls will help the user to setup the animation keyframes very quickly which can be switched from keyframes to another and thus recommended for all type of 3D animation
  • 3D MAX – For all version, it is the software that build 3D animation which has been accepted worldwide. The software is from Autodesk, the well-known graphic assistance software publisher. This software is usually being use to construct 3D games as it has very sophisticated tools and functions enough to do the job. However, this software is also being used in architecture, house planning, advanced 3D modeling, 3D animation, and more
  • Maya from Audodesk – Many call this as Maya which is one of the most popular software from Autodesk for all around the world. It is being built for high-end and of course, high result for film productions and animation movies that we see in the theater.
  • Lightwave 3D – It is the software from Newtek software publisher and this software is considered as the high-end that can be used on both Mac and PC

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