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GoToWebinar 45 Days Free Trial

Why GotoMeeting?

Nobody really like to travel that much to work, five hours plan travel which follow by checking into the hotel room, get ready to go for the meeting in the next morning with worries what’s going to happen with their house and family back at home. Today, the problem will be solved when we have Everyone can put their meetings in their place with only one click of which gotomeeting lets you hold online meetings from anywhere in the world. With Go To Meeting web-based software, a person can hold the meetings with presentations and sales demos, edit documents, real time collaboration, and they can work on both PC and Mac. Customers can hold online meeting with very low cost per month and if this is comparisons from the hotel room and transportation cost, the’s price will become the lowest and the most cost effective way to hold a meeting online.

Do We Need to Meet?

Because the effective way in conducting the business is not just sit at the desk and talk across the partitions to get the work agreed or done, but a good business needs to conduct meeting at least one time every week. This could be on Monday or Friday. Meeting on Monday could be the best choice for those strategic team to brief the works and to analyze what to be done during the week. The team member can discuss with each other on the matters that were happened during the previous week and so all the team members who are conducting meeting would be able to know what’s going on in the team, at the customer’s side, the condition of the market and so on. Conducting the meeting on Friday is considered a good choice to do because people can just conclude everything during the week and it is the best way to discuss the matters when it has just happened and in time for another strategic planning. Now, what are the type of meetings when the employees in the company would usually hold?

  • Group Briefing Meetings – This type of meeting is all about introducing new employee, new products, new company’s plan, and everything new that need to inform the team members. This meeting is very critical because the team members need to know the new information that they might have never known and if there’re new technologies and other company news, they will be able to adjust themselves according to the plan
  • Sales Meeting – It is all about sales figure. Usually, there are 2 topics in the sales meeting which are sales drop discussion and sales expansion discussions. In the meetings, there usually be sales people and the sales manager and sometimes, the chief executive officers will sit there and listen to the meeting too.
  • Technology Meetings – This involves all the technology advancement that happen in the company. The company might purchase or hire the professional to handle the technical jobs or the new computer and system infrastructure. The department that will be affected with the change and upgrade will usually join the meeting.

Why Meeting is Expensive?

If it wasn’t because of and its other webbased software, the meeting cost will go up higher. This is because, in order to conduct any meetings, there are cost associated with it. Starting from the time cost for a person to stop visiting sales activity and have to join the meeting that might cause them to lose sales. Another one is the traveling and accommodation cost, the company needs to spend on the traveling cost for a person to travel to another location to meet each other to conduct the meeting. Thus, the physical meeting is fairly expensive comparing to the online meeting using Webinar or

About Gotomeeting & GotoWebinar

GoToMeeting is the easiest, most secure and cost-effective solution for conducting unlimited online meetings with up to 10 attendees, all for one low flat rate.

GoToWebinar lets you plan, present, record and analyze Webinars with up to 1,000 attendees for one affordable flat rate. Plus it comes with a free GoToMeeting license.

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