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Did you know that offer something more than just the low price plant delivery by ordering from its website? Well, if you don’t, we’re about to tell you all about it. Proplants special code or coupon promotional codes are the codes that people look for the most when they’re trying to order plant delivery from the website. The special code for have been used by many people when they have obtained the codes from either the coupon site or directly from itself. From the record, special coupon code can be used to activate more discount with almost every order by occasions such as anniversary, birthday party, new born, funeral, farewell, just because, and thank you plant orders. The special offer code can also be used with all plant categories at such as bamboo & bonsai, flowering plants, home décor, flowering plants, wreaths, and so on. Now, when you’re interested to use the special code for Pro Plants, you need to enter the coupon code in the shopping cart only (if you’ve arrived in the checkout page, just hit back to enter the code). Entering code is easy, by just input them in the box illustrated here:

entering special codes at proplants

REVEAL COUPON CODE FOR ProPlants.COM Special Code + Free Shipping and Promotions

It seems to us that there have been no special codes for for very long time and we’re guessing that’s because the price for almost every plants at are at a very low price. Also, has its special section as “Discount Plants” for everyone to shop for even lower price plants at the store.

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Trends in Sending Plants

Since from the past until present, all we know about when we want to congratulate someone, and we will only send flowers, cookies, chocolates, or the thing that the person love. However, today, trend has changed in the way that people want to get something more useful for them and to cheer them up. Sending plants or plants delivery is the new way of delivering the plant instead of beautiful flowers and nice words. The plants can convey wording more than flowers in some cases. Imagine sending a bouquet filled up with flowers for a person with the plants that the person who received that can take care of them forever and maybe for the rest of their lives? Plants delivery or plants as gift has become the trendy items that people love to send because when the party, the hospitalized period, celebration, and whatsoever events are over, if taking care very carefully, the plants can stay with the person for a long time and don’t feel like wasting money on the gifts.

Tips in Choosing Plants

No matter if you’re trying to do your gardening by choosing the right plants for your garden or you’re trying to give plants as gift for special occasions for graduations, get well soon, or anything to do with the plants, then, there are special ways to choose to purchase plants before paying money! Because plants can help a person to get some relaxation while doing gardening, it helps to comfort the patient when they are in hospital and receive any type of plants. It also help to refresh the feeling and the air around the house. However, don’t say that choosing and buying plants in any reasons don’t have to be careful. Buying plants is just like what it is when buying other items. It works just like buying flowers or ordering flowers delivery whereby you need to be very careful in choosing them. That’s why today, we have certain number of tips and techniques to choose the plants or to inspect them before paying for.

choosing plants from gardenguide

choosing plants from gardenguide



  • Inspect the quality of the plants – Once received them or trying to purchase them from the garden shop, inspect the plants right away such as the perfection of the leaves, no holes, no insects, and also ask the seller if for quantity discount.
  • Soil – Choose the plants that don’t have too humid or water in the soil as well as not too much of the lichen. Choosing among those plants, you need to choose the one that sit together and not the one far away from each other and this is for comparing purpose.
  • Roots – There are certain types of plants that is capable of holding large amount of water in the tree. The seller might have just planted them in the vase or pot and the leaves might still be looking fresh. To choose the plants that look like this, try to look at the grass root of them and choose the basket that full of roots (which means they have been planted for quite sometimes)
  • Don’t be too excited – When not buying the plants online, and you need to be face to face with the plant stores, don’t show too much excitement to the shop owner as some plant’s price might become higher!
  • Don’t ask what it is, ask how much – when you don’t really know what type of plant it is that you want to purchase. Then, it could be more wiser to ask how much rather than to ask what plant name this is?
special plant types new species

Some Plants look very different when it is still young

  • New Plant Species..Really? – there are hundreds of thousands of types of plants in this world and some might look very different from the others when they started to grow. Don’t be too excited and believe that it is the new species because the baby plant might look completely different comparing to when they are grown.
  • After Purchase – When you’re not trying to buy plants for someone and your intention is to place them in your lovely garden. After purchase, don’t just start to dig the soil and plant them right away. Take the plants that you have just purchased under the shade where there are soft sunlight to let the plant to adjust itself to the environment.
  • Train the plant – Before planting the purchased plant under the soil, some recommend to stop watering the plant for a few days and that’s make the plant getting stronger when there’re no water.

in home gardening

  • Check the Vase, Pot, and Basket – Not only to inspect the plant, but before purchasing them, you need to inspect the container too even though you’re not planning to use them after getting back home. The cracking of the vase, pot, or the damaged basket might mean that the plant was fallen from the higher ground or it was carelessly raised. This is just another point to be very careful about.
  • Transportation – After purchased the plants and you’re heading back home straight away. The plant needs to be arrived at the destinations to get some break! During the transportation of the plant back to the place, you need to be very careful about the handling as it might damage the plant and the container and that you can’t claim!

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