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The Pyramid Collection Coupon

New Age Gifts at the Pyramid Collection
If you love the the gothic dressing style and are looking for new millenium, powerful crystals and gemstones, Celtic jewelry, Gothic and Renaissance statuary, incense, aromatherapy, zodiac calendars, votive lamps, art prints, apparel plus hundreds of unique and fanciful cultural items from around the world. You need to visit Because this site has all you need to shop on the items you wish for, and of course, as always, is just another shopping and apparel site which offer coupon and discount codes for the customers to save more at the site and shop for more items with lesser expenses. Customers can use Pyramid Collection coupon codes and other special to get discount from all of the items on site such as apparel, plus sizes apparel, shoes and accessories, jewelry, costuming, home and gifts, fantasy artist, and other online only merchandise. Customers can also have chance to save on new age themes such as celestial realms, celtic, costuming, fairies, gothic, love and sexuality, renaissance, the goddess, wedding, as well as wicca & witchcraft.

Active Pyramid Collection Coupon is just another site which offer special promotion to the customers both on site and off site by promoting its new promotion through commercial and advertisements. Pyramid Collections was firstly launched its special ( as seen in other coupon sites ) during the year 2009 which was very long ago, and the very first special promotion was being reported not working, and the special that we’re talking about here is the coupon code. Most of the people believe that should have the place to enter coupon code just like any other shopping site, but there’s none. However, there are some special promotion directly from the site that we can always try by revealing them below.



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Pyramid Collection

Other Pyramid Collection Promotion

Outside of the special and coupon codes ( if any ), pyramid collection is also having its promotion on site which works very well and it might be a better idea to take advantage of these promotions rather than wasting time finding the coupon codes. Customers can claim 10% cash back and free standard shipping on selected day when order. This blue tag will appear on a certain day when the promotion is active. Customers can also go for the clearance sale by saving up to 60% off on selected items and this depends on the supply level, the promotion will be ended when all the supplies such as clothes, jewelries, and so on are sold out. Another interesting promotion from is the sweepstake promotion on its site. Customers can always join this competition by entering their email addresses in the box to take chance to win $100 gift card from

Why Shop at

Because Pyramid Collection is noone like! The site has been providing its unique products which dare to be different for such a long time. Plus, the site has been providing a full range of Powerful crystals and gemstones, Celtic jewelry, Gothic and Renaissance statuary, incense, aromatherapy, zodiac calendars, votive lamps, art prints, apparel plus hundreds of unique and fanciful cultural items from around the world and that customers wouldn’t normally find these type of merchandise from anywhere else making Pyramid Collection a true single site which would help customers to find what they want.

Entering Coupon codes

As you know, there’s no box or page to enter coupon codes at and this is shown below.

1. Visit the first page of

Once you’ve entered the first page of, look around and shop as normal

2. Select some items

Select the items that you’d like to purchase the most and put them into cart

3. Shopping Cart

At shopping cart, you need to be careful about the quantity, double check the quantity and price so that there won’t be any mistake when making payment

4. Checkout

As we can see, there’s no coupon box to enter at the checkout page. From this, you can also try the rebate/cashback promotion that comes at directly from with the link above.

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