Question of the Day: Does Sprint Provide Free Activation Code?

The Most Wanted Code for New Subscribers

We have been noticing since 2012 up until now, there have been an increase demand for Sprint Activation Code and this tells us 2 things about the Smartphone and Phone plan industry and especially the post paid plans. The first thing for us is that, Sprint is getting more and more popular each year because the more traffic looking for the activation code means more subscribers are trying activate their phone or Smartphone overtime. However, looking at another side, it can also be looked in both side and the first one is at Sprint itself that when there are large group of customers are looking for the activate code of which most of the time they want the free code, sprint should arrange promotions and special offer for the consumers. Another side is back to the consumers themselves that they want to try to avoid the fees associated to their phone activations and thus might make them feel unhappy or frustrated. That’s why today, we would like to walk through a bit about the free activation code, how it is being used, and the ways to get them for free without having to pay for the fees in activating your phone.

activation fee page at sprint

The Activation Fees

Why activation fees? Customers have been asking on this questions over the time and no one really have the exact answer. Some said, it is the fees that Sprint needs to use to activate the number with the satellite company since it doesn’t have its own. Some says, it is the cash that sprint uses to break even their phone cost and transaction fees, and some say that it is only the regulation and to prevent customers from opening too many lines and don’t use them in the end. Activation fees are at the matter of fact everywhere from every cell phone service providers. It is the official fees when someone wants to open the new line and this has been traditionally be collected over ten years. In the past Sprint collected activation fees of about $18, but now it has been increased to $36 and more.

How to Use Activation Code

When the customers purchased the phone and they want to activate the phone to be workable, they need to have the code to get it done. This can be seen in By registering with sprint to have MYSPRINT account, subscribers can have easier life than calling in call center to activate. Follow the steps in Sprint activate number page and get activated in the matter of seconds.

How to get Free Activation Code

It is being called Sprint Free Activation Code or Sprint Activation Code, the differences in the wording doesn’t really change the fact that it is the coupon code or promo code for to be used to activate the free activation credit and thus allowing customers not to pay for this fees. There are certain methods in order to get the free activation from

free activation promotion for sprint at wirefly

  • Visit – At, it is the mobile phone and service provider aggregator that combines every service together. Because is huge and sprint can offer the company to offer customers with free activation promotions. Thus, Visit wirefly more often for this deal.  The example of the promotional message is

“Shop Sprint’s $36 Activation Fee Credit at Wirefly! Offer applies to all new Sprint accounts and add-a-lines! Shop Wirefly and get FREE Activation on new accounts and add-a-lines from Sprint! Save up to$36 per line when you pick up the hottest phones from Sprint, like the LG Optimus Elite, the Kyocera Rise , and the Samsung Galaxy S II 4G LTE! Purchase one smartphone and save $36, but purchase for the whole family and you could save up to $180! Don’t miss this great opportunity to save!”

  • Find Sprint Promo Code – Not very often that we could find this, irregularly issues promo cod through the coupon sites in order to offer customers with coupon code to be used in the activation phone page to get free activation. Then, customers need to look for this type of code because they would never know when it is going to be

Hate Activation Fees?

This is something you can’t avoid from the real life if you’re trying to use the post paid phone service from any mobile phone service providers. However, there are options for all of you by using pre-paid phone service such as and, by this you can avoid activation fees and move ahead with your happy time minutes and data transfer.

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