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Save $10 – $60 OFF for Quicken Software 2014 from Intuit

Whether you’re looking for cheap and special offer for Quicken 2014 on different versions like Quicken Starter Edition, Deluxe, Premier, home and business or not, and we have the best deal and the lowest price for the 2014 version that will help to simplify and organize your business and money. Today, we have received the news from Intuit that Quicken 2014 version will be marketed the first day on October 1st, 2013 and it will come with the newest promotion so that customers and company owners can find and purchase the software before the year end. Also, they will enjoy the new features that Intuit has developed and put together in this new version, however, before enjoying those features, we would like you all to enjoy the new discount promotion for Quicken 2014 first. There’s a limit time offer for the early birds who want to get the software the first hand and there is a discount promotion of $10 OFF Quicken 2014 along with the current promotion that helps to save $60 off by applying Quicken rewards Visa card and get $60 credit after the first use. The promotion works for both download and boxed version. If you’re interested in this offer that does not require the use of Quicken Special Offer Code, see them below:

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See How You Can Get $10 OFF + $60 OFF on Your Quicken 2014



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Worked well with TurboTax
Sep 29, 2013 by Anonymous

Discount is one thing but the combination of the 2 software from Intuit works so great!

Saved $60
Sep 29, 2013 by Anonymous

Applied for the credit card and get $60 back on my first purchase (plus I get to collect points)

Stepcoupons.com California Mountain View CA, 94043 USA 5.0 5.0 2 2 Discount is one thing but the combination of the 2 software from Intuit works so great!

 see how much balance in the account using quicken

You might want to know that Quicken has come in different version and this has been ongoing since before 2008. All Quicken version including the 2014 version has been working really great and it doesn’t matter which version you have because Quicken can handle all of your financial transaction during the year nicely. Every Quicken version works the same and the meaning of when Intuit says there is a newer version every year, the new versions are the versions that help to improve the functionality and it also adjust the usage according to the new law and regulation and thus, when you purchase those manual how to use Quicken, it works almost the same. However, in different versions, there are slightly new features and unique way to use it such as the layout of the software on screen, the color, the working but this shouldn’t be hard for those who used to use Quicken in the older version such as Quicken 2008, 2010, 2013, and along the way to Quicken 2014.

Quicken 2014 Review

For those using Quicken 2014, they can get rid of the cost that they don’t want to pay and If you use Quicken Home & Business or Quicken Rental Property Manager for real estate investments, the best shot that we love about on our saving is that, when you know how to use Quicken software, you can cut the cost of hiring the certified accountant that you usually need to pay him/her hundreds of dollars per hour to discuss about the company’s financial and accounting status. It could help you to save more cost by cutting down personal in the accounting department so that when you plan to hire one more, you can just try to use Quicken first and then consider later if you want to really hire one when you have your best tool on hand. In order to use Quicken for a small business bookkeeping, the first thing you need to do is to describe each business that you operate. Secondly, and it is very serious, you need to design the business invoices so that you can tag, track, and keep the record of the invoices you need to handle during the month time.

manage budget with quicken 2014

Managing Your Budget with Quicken 2014

Quicken is also being built to become 360 supportive and this means it is for our customers and ourselves. Quicken 2014 has been introduced with pretty much the same feature as before but with the improved ones. We can actually invoice customers, records the payments, and able to watch closely with the unpaid amount that customers or the business partners have not yet made. This will become easier than just to write down on the A/R book or to remember by keeping the invoice in the desk where there are thousands more of documents to handle.

Quicken Helps to Clog Your Money Leaking

There’s another function that the business owners might not be using that much which is the credit card tracking feature. In Quicken 2014, the credit card tracking feature has also been improved and everyone can start by setting up the credit card account. The users can also add new credit card and more credit card with credit card charge recording as well as to pay credit card bill. Once setup, you can also use to track credit card purchases. The balance tracking and credit card bill feature is suitable and appropriate for those who usually handle credit card payments partially and not full. The reason behind this is that, when you don’t pay your credit card in full amount in each month, there’re balances left unpaid and when you don’t keep track of those balance, this might create more losses on interest and default of the debt unpaid. On the other hands, there might be numbers of Quicken users that stay untouched with the credit card tracking feature because whenever the credit card bill comes, they pay in full amount and there’s no need for tracking.


Overall, Is Quicken 2014 Cool to Use?

We have to say that Quicken from Intuit has been providing the most awesome software ever written in this world and it can only be found and downloaded at quicken.intuit.com. What we love about Quicken is the financial calculators that will help to save a lot of time and you can actually make a lot of plans from the data retrieved from the calculator and it could be beneficial to your financial plans and the company as a whole. However, there are some features that people don’t really use that much which is the credit card tracking and cash account. However, these tools might work great for someone else that has different types of business, strategy, and the form of operations.