Rebtel Double Credit Voucher December 2012

Get 100% Extra on First Deposit!

We are now at the very corner of the year as we all are approaching the end of 2012. Because Christmas is coming really quick, people are getting presents for themselves and for their love ones. As such, Rebtel has announced today the new Rebtel voucher code as bonus for its current customers and the new comers. This holiday offer comes together with the new code to be used to activate more credit. Once the code is used, customers will also be getting double credit based on what they pay for. It can be simply said that, customers will be getting cheap international calls and get an extra 100% on their first deposit in order to call their loved ones longer and more frequently during the holiday season.

Before this, Rebtel used to issue voucher code that will activate various special deal such as to get free SMS and to top up the credit once used the code. Based on our experiences, Rebtel will only release the code in a very much ahead of time before Holiday seasons and before special event date (such as Halloween promotion). The company knows that people will usually be making calls much more during holiday time and they sincerely would like to help the customers on their first deposit calling any one from phone line to phone line. For this incoming Christmas season, the same rule applies, Rebtel expects huge calls activities from the users for both local and international from countries to countries. Just one or two minutes means a lot of things to people to greet and to wish someone a Merry Christmas and a happy new year. Just a short long distance call could make a lonely one to feel much better hearing the voice from the person they want to be heard. Rebel service and its promotion is truly the lifesavers service with a very low cost but on the same hand, very good quality.

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