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Having many members to join Spartan Race at the same time? Of course, you and your Reebok Spartan Race for Team can get extra discount with rebates and from using Spartan Race Coupon Code when registering directly at the website. Today, Spartan Race offers the team registration discount that you can form up your own team from 4 racers up to more than 30 racers in any Spartan Race location. If you’ve come to this point and you’re having lesser than 4 in the team but still prefer to receive some discount, just visit our Spartan Race Coupon 2014 page to get instant discount individually without having to register as team. However, for racers that comes alone but would like to have the team, they can also look for the open existing team allowing them to seek for group of Spartan racers to join. For Spartan that is forming the team by themselves, they should know that they can get rebates up to $15 per person (Normally, the price for each race for individual is about $100-$130 on average), taking $15 off rebates, the Spartan will get about 10-15% off from their registration price). Imagine to have about 30 team members joining certain race and each one of you save $15 from the registration and that’s $450 off one race which is a huge discount. The team can collect those rebate and pay for team refreshment after race instead! Now, if you don’t like rebates, just use the Spartan Race Coupon Code to save 10%-15% off instantly below

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Joined Beast in Tampa
Sep 15, 2013 by Anonymous

Registered for 2014 race at Tampa did not know before I could save on my race

$17 off my Georgia Race
Sep 15, 2013 by Anonymous

Going with 2 friends, 3 racers aren't enough for the rebate and so coupon works!

Saved $15 for 40 members
Sep 15, 2013 by Anonymous

Found out that you can actually use the code to get instant discount rather than waiting for rebates California Mountain View CA, 94043 USA 4.7 5.0 3 3 Registered for 2014 race at Tampa did not know before I could save on my race

The more people you can get to join your team, the more money you will get in your pocket! Team rebates are as follows:

  • Teams of 4-15 members each receive a $5 rebate.
  • Teams of 16-29 members each receive a $10 rebate.
  • Teams of 30+ members each receive a $15 rebate.

Rebate will occur a few weeks AFTER the event and will be applied to the method of payment for that specific registration (I.e. whatever credit card you used to make purchase).

Benefits of Reebok Spartan Race for Team

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Even obstacle team racers in the past 30 years have focused on their improvement on timing to finish the line for to meet the team cooperation and team efficiency. Because of the improvement, it is almost not possible to overcome the obstacle race in the real world where people need to work and train at the same time. In Reebok Spartan Race, everyone needs to run, crawl, and climb like it will never stop to make good team performance.
Team Reebok Spartan Race is for every team member to start working together, train together, and finish the line together. It is the perfect activity for friends, family, colleagues, and even the neighbors. Everyone including the single Spartan racers and team race know that Spartan Obstacle race is the time limited race and everyone needs to finish the line on time, it also for team and people who love to beat the time, set goal, set target, and also the competition lovers— for those who love to compete with time, the team, the others, the field, and with everyone else. The team obstacle race will be able to let the team members know how much they can do and what is the limitation of the human body! It is the stuff for the team member to set their goal and get to the finish line like never before rather than setting goal for the number of sales increase in each year where it requires other factors and not personal strength and mind. We can say that every team to form up can have their same goal and the same target in mind. Whichever category applies to everyone in the team, Spartan-sanctioned obstacle races are for you. People often show up to do a Spartan Race when it is challenging for them for the time, body, and mind. The team members might start their race with reluctant and nervous because they might have heard so much about the cruel race and each checkpoint is hard as hell, but they always finish the line with happiness whether or not to finish the line or the goal on time. Then the team will also see people cover in mud from white face to black face and dark face with even darker by the mud and usually when finished the line they will barely walk away back to their cars traveling back home with 4 legs (2 hands and 2 legs at the matter of fact). Spartan Races really get under people’s skin.

Short and Long Race for Team

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Spartan Races are timed limited mud and obstacle races over different distance in each checkpoint altogether with handmade obstacle mission that has been specially designed to test mind and body of the team member. For every race at every mission, the team will be required lifting, crawling, rolling, carrying, running, swimming, balancing, throwing, jumping, mud dipping, and all Reebok Spartan Race courses are deliberately designed make you exhausted and exhilarated. For both long and Short-distance obstacle courses, they will challenges the team to overcome with sufficient determination plus team cooperation’s. The team members are guaranteed to cross the finish line with some full mud on the face, body, hair, head, arms, and almost every part of the body plus a lot of sweat, and a keen sense of self—a renewed awareness of what you can accomplish. For team members that would like to be endured in a longer mission or race, Reebok Spartan Race also have various distance racing to choose from starting from 7-8 miles to a full marathon. At every distance, obstacle races offer the perfect opportunity to measure the team strengths and weaknesses plus united in order to help to build team-work, and remind you of that euphoric mind-body synergy that made you never want to quit playing when you were a kid.