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We have seen RivalUS.net products from the TV advertisement and of course from the websites and then we would like to make purchase and found out that the website is also offering RivalUS coupon code and discount promotional. That’s why many people are not really hesitated to purchase any RivalUS products but they firstly look for the coupon codes that they can get extra discount from shopping at RivalUS.net. Customers can shop at RivalUS.net various products with Rival US brand just like Cellucor such as Anabolic prescription, clean gainer, Complx5, encharge, enpulse, hemoxy, hyperbolic formula, last meal, mpower, post-rx, Proma Sil, QWK Kit, Rapid FX, short cutz, the ap kit and more. Now, for other brand, the BlaQseries, in this brand, customers can also shop for Powder Burn, Think Fast, and Creatine ConQR and other products which are built for competitive athletes with no fillers to make weight. The discount can be applied on these items by enter the coupon code in the shopping cart just like the image shown below.




There have been so many coupon codes for Rivalus.net and customers can use them all but it is totally depended on how much they want to purchase and how much Rivalus would be offering discount for those items. We have to mention about this first that Rival US would like to offer coupon codes for the customers because the company wants them to shop for more products, try more products with the same or closest price range by using coupon code. There are both deals and coupon codes, and the deals are the discount promotion that are already existed in the website. The coupon code can be classified into 2 types. The first one is the coupon that offer customers with discount and this can be either in percentage form or in dollars discount. Now, for percentage discount it ranges from 20% – 40% off depending on how much Rival US would offer for the customers. The other type is the free shipping coupon code or free gift. This is called Non-Discount Coupon for RivalUS.net and it is not as popular as the discount ones. In order to see all available coupon, use the link above to reveal.

Who is RivalUS?

The sports supplement industry is over-marketed, under-regulated and full of competition – so what sets RIVALUS apart? Their unwavering commitments to assist professional and Olympic athletes reach new levels in training and performance by providing a product that is not only effective, but safe too. Every RIVALUS product is built to meet the needs of discerning athletes in all major sports, free of banned substances and built in world-class facilities. Their simple goals are really simple – They aim to make the most powerful and effective supplements that are free of hazardous substances and unwanted fillers. How do they know the supplementary model is working? Because Team RIVALUS has more professional athletes than all other supplement companies combined. They must be doing something right. As a customer of RIVAL US what would be benefit to them?- The opportunity to save huge on their money as well as helping professional and amateur athletes meet their fitness goals. RIVAL US offer FREE shipping on ALL orders (our shipping area currently covers the USA and Canada) -They’re so confident in our products that we offer a 30 day, 100% satisfaction guarantee

More About RivalUS

It’s easy to make a supplement free of banned substances simply by ensuring no banned ingredients are formulated in the product and selecting only high quality facilities to build the finished product. The difficulty is making an effective supplement while providing efficacious dosages in both capsules and powders. At RIVALUS, that’s their specialty.

The CEO and founder Dr. Darren Burke PhD has spent over 20 years as a nationally ranked athlete, a university professor and a formula developer for some of the largest brands in the supplement industry today. RIVALUS has a clear and laser-like focus: make the most powerful and effective supplements available free of hazardous substances and unwanted fillers. This business model has captured the attention of many competitors who try to capitalize and copy our business model. No one has more professional athletes than Team RIVALUS.

How Do I Know That Rival is Perfect for me?
  • The weight-loss customer – The store offer a full line of products geared towards helping people cut fat and lean out, while protecting important muscle mass.
  • The athlete – all RIVALUS products are free from banned substances according the World Anti-Doping Agency, the International Olympic Committee and the DOD. Informed Choice certified.
  • The military customer – The BLAQ SERIES is dedicated to military personnel and offers a line of products geared specifically towards meeting their unique needs. All RIVALUS products are DMAA-free, a substance explicitly banned by the DOD as we ship to all APO’s.
  • The gym rat – RIVALUS supplements are the perfect addition to the kind of raw dedication required to build the perfect body, They offer a little something for everyone, men, women and athletes alike.
  • The clean-eater – many supplements contain added fillers to increase their weight and overall size, RIVALUS doesn’t. Their full line of products are gluten-free and contain no unnecessary ingredients, artificial dyes or sugar. PROMASIL for example is sweetened using primarily stevia, is soy-free, gluten-free, low in lactose and receives it color from natural sources like beet extract and beta-carotene.

Becoming Like Your Famous Athletes

Because the Rival US products have been used regularly by the real athletes and if you are stepping up and dreaming about becoming like one of them, then you would need to use the same thing, train the same way, and have the same will as theirs. If you know Andre Durie, Caleigh Whitaker, David Oliver, Fred Stamps, Gary Barnidge, Jammie Kirlew, JC Sherritt, Matt Martin, Moton Hopkins, Ricky Ray, Travis Lulay, Wesley Saunders, and Zac Rinaldo, they are the regular users of RivalUS products as well as BLAQSERIES.

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