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roommates peel and stick decor coupon code

Products: Wall Decal, Sticker, Home Decorative Items
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If you’re looking for wall and room décor on these brands retro vision, laptop wear, chalkals, quotables, megapacks, kidslab, and as removable wall decal then you are coming to the right place. Because today, would like to introduce the website and method to purchase these wall décor products for cheaper at by using coupon code. RoomMates Décor, at first, because of its brand name, many people believe that the website offer customers the products that has something to do with roommates, however, at the matter of fact, the company RoomMates Décor offer customers with its great product line on wall décor. By this, everyone knows when they are shopping for something, they will always look for coupon code first, and fortunately, it is the same thing as and that’s because customers can find and use RoomMates Décor coupon code to receive better and higher discount on whatever they’re trying to purchase at the website. However, before going for RoomMates Décor coupon code and discount codes, customers should know what are the products and services being offered by before anything else. At the website, customers can find all products related to home décor and especially wall in each room decorations. The majority of the products are peel and stick stickers that are available to be used in any room. For instance, the stickers can be used in all occasions since the company offers home décor sticker, wall decals for kids, movies and comics wall decals, sports wall decals, custom wall decals, XL wallpaper murals, wallpaper and borders, and other accessories. Every month, there will be more decal and stickers added in the RoomMates Décor product line such as finding Nemo, harry potter, 55 Hi’s, Wreck it Ralph, One direction, The Hobbit, and more. Now, here comes the best part, RoomMates Décor would like to help every customers especially parents who want to decorate kids room, they have chosen sticker decal because firstly the sticker can be peel off and change, this means that they want to save their cost whenever they want to redecorate it. Secondly, buying wall decal, wall arts, and more as the stickers, it is much cheaper and less expensive than any other method. From this point, RoomMates Décor knows that parents want to save their budget and so they release the coupon codes for the customers to use to activate more discount in the shopping cart just like the image below.

using roommates decor coupon code

Historically, there are various RoomMates Décor coupon codes and promotional codes since had started its online business and what we have in our records here, there are 2 types of coupon codes. The first type is the free shipping coupon code of which once activated, customers can get free shipping regardless of the order size (however, some coupon code require minimum order value). Another one is the coupon discount code for RoomMates Décor orders and there are discount ranges from 10%, 15%, and 17% off based on the code type and minimum order value. In order to see all available code, they can be revealed all.



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Tips For Wall Decal With Stickers

Many household and decorators have experienced the instability of the glue in the stickers or wall decal because the decal would usually peel off itself after it was being stick there for sometimes. When the decal peel off itself, then, the decorator needs to pay in extra for the new wall decal and this doesn’t make sense. Now, today, we have some tips, techniques, and tricks to hold the wall decal there as long as it could.


  • Paintings – Don’t stick wall decal or any sticker on the wall, ceiling, and other surface intended to decorate the house when the surface was being painted less than 3 weeks. This means that the decal should only be placed on the painted surface after 3 weeks regardless of color type. However, sometimes, the paint roller which is being used in painting the wall could make the sticker and wall decal peel off faster because there are usually small particles run off from the roller surface during paintings.
  • Clean the Surface – It is one of the most important step whenever someone wants to do wall decal. The cleaning of the surface where the decal will be placed is critical because the wall and the surface accumulates dust and with oil from human body. If the wall decal is placed on the dusted and oily area, the decal won’t stay there for long but we will see the sticker peel off itself in weeks or in some case days. For cleaning, we recommend to use baby shampoo for wooden and concrete wall, and for glass and windows, use anything that as doesn’t contain silicon as the ingredients.
  • Temperature – temperature is the uncontrollable factor that can actually be controlled. When the decal and wall sticker are being placed perfectly but they are in the hotter room with no air flow, it can also be peeled off very easily and quickly. Thus, we need to sometimes, open the windows and door to share and spread out the hot temperature and humidity out from the room frequently.

About RoomMates Décor

RoomMates is the largest manufacturer of removable & reusable wall decals and wall stickers. Its products have been featured in Real Simple, Domino, Everyday with Rachael Ray, Gizmodo, Project Nursery, and more. With more than 1000 designs, they’re sure to have something the customers, especially parents want. Their product line is comprised of small sticker sets, large decals, borders, full-wall murals, and even custom designs. The company has designs that are perfect for nurseries, kids’ rooms, college dorms, and rooms for décor-minded adults, including:

  • Comics (Spider-Man, Batman, Superman)
  • Movies (Star Wars, Disney Princess)
  • Kids (Spongebob Squarepants, Dora the Explorer, Hello Kitty, Cars, owls, animals, trees, alphabet letters)
  • Sports (college, MLB, NFL, NBA)
  • Home Decor (inspirational quotes, flowers, dots, seasonal decorating)

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