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If you remember, we had provided Roxio Creator NXT Coupon Code a while ago long before the release of Roxio Creator NXT and NXT Pro 2 is released. Most customers that have used them have been from Canada, U.S., and UK. Today, there is a new release of Roxio Creator NXT 2 for standard and PRO version and we have the same discount coupon code for you to purchase both upgrade and full version of the Roxio software family, however, we have not heard about the Roxio Game Capture in the newer version that might come together with Roxio NXT 2. With the new functions and features from Roxio Creator NXT 2 and pro version and there have been 5 major improvements which are such as the 10 times faster processing speed for videos that comes with the scorefitter – royalty free music that the users can put in their video presentations or photo slides without charges. The new Roxio Creator NXT has come in support for Xbox one, PlayStation 4, and all those mobiles, smartphones, and tablets multimedia files which is much easier to control. As for Roxio Creator NXT Pro 2, the price is about $30 higher (without using coupon code), Roxio has claimed that, this version comes with $450 worth of feature and the new features are the same as the standard version but with the WinDVD playback for PC. Now, if you have decided to purchase NXT 2 and NXT Pro 2 today, don’t pay full price, just grab these Roxio Coupon Code as a deal for your purchase.

using coupon code for Roxio Creator NXT 2 and Pro

using coupon code for Roxio Creator NXT 2 and Pro



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Works for me
Sep 24, 2013 by Anonymous

Try to use 15% code in thee (the 10% code works fine too)

Coupon works for upgrade
Sep 24, 2013 by Anonymous

Saved 15% on my Roxio Creator Pro to Pro 2 upgrade

Saved $19.50
Sep 24, 2013 by Anonymous

Just made my purchase today, saved as promised California Mountain View CA, 94043 USA 5.0 5.0 3 3 Try to use 15% code in thee (the 10% code works fine too)



roxio creator nxt pro 2 promotion

Roxio’s Creator NXT and NXT Pro 2 have become a household name in CD burning. Roxio’s latest version the NXT second version has added full DVD authoring support. Roxio, a spin-off corporation of Adaptec Inc., changed the name of this application to Easy CD and DVD Creator to better represent what the application does. In this chapter, you’ll learn to use this product to burn your own DVDs, and we’ll consider the many features of this application. DVD Builder— The DVD authoring component of Easy CD and DVD NXT and NXT Pro 2 — The entire contents and layout of the DVD you’re currently authoring. Capture vs. Import— Capturing a video is recording it to a file from an external device— from a camcorder or any video recorder devices such as smartphone. Importing refers to pulling a video file from your hard drive into your DVD project. Movie— The term movie, used loosely by DVD Builder, consists of video clips or still images assembled in a storyboard format similar to that of a comic book. You can mix and match a movie with as many video clips or pictures as you want. We will look at different ways to organize a movie in. Video clip— When video is captured in DVD Builder, the captured results are put into video clips. You can add several video clips to a movie.

Benefits of Using Roxio Creator NXT 2nd Version

You decide to take the plunge and get married to your longtime sweetheart. To be spontaneous, you decide to be away to Las Vegas, the marriage capitol of the world. Because of this extreme spontaneity, the taxi cab driver that drove you to the chapel was your best man. Along with the wedding video from the chapel, the chapel photographer took many pictures of the ceremony. You also took a lot of pictures of your long weekend in Las Vegas. Because of the short notice, family and friends did not have enough time to attend the trip. Some family members may have felt left out since they could not come. To make up for this, you decide to create a DVD to document your weekend of bliss. Enter DVD Burning Solutions— this book serves as a guide to the multimedia experience of creating a DVD. Rather than a boring, dry, technical guide, Roxio Creator NXT 2 and Creator NXT Pro 2 will give you the experience that you need to create a DVD in a light-hearted atmosphere as well as to edit photos, music, background music and everything else in only one suite.

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Roxio’s Creator NXT and NXT Pro 2 is actually a suite of applications designed to meet many multimedia related needs. For an entry-level multimedia application NXT and NXT Pro 2 seems to have it all, and at a price of below and a little bit above $100 bucks, you can’t beat it. There are five applications included in this suite. After reading everything up to this point, you might probably deciding to purchase Roxio Creator NXT and NXT Pro 2 when you will start looking for it! Well, now is the time. If you want to make a lesser work of the DVD authoring process that will show you how to capture/edit your content, work with menus, create slideshows, 3D multimedia files, and use Roxio Label Creator. Each of the preceding items will be addressed using DVD Builder. While the same application (DVD Builder) will be shown in each item, the design fundamentals that are addressed can be applied to any DVD authoring application when it is time to design you own DVD. With that said, this software will focus on the first item— capturing/editing your content. Let’s get started, shall we? DVD Builder movies are defined as any combination of videos and pictures. A movie is laid out in a storyboard format so that elements— videos and pictures— are linked together. When the movie is played, it is done so sequentially. You can rearrange, add, or delete the elements within a movie through the DVD Builder Workshop.