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Phone: Windows Phone 8, Samsung ATIV Odyssey
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For those looking for Samsung Smartphone powered by Windows 8 interface, they wouldn’t miss the news and the announcement from Verizon Wireless recently on the new Samsung ATIV Odyssey. Because today, Verizon Wireless has come out and announce the new release of its new phone with a very low price. The actual full retail price of Samsung ATIV Odyssey is at $449.99 but it comes with 2 years contract and so, the price has dropped down almost $100. Customers have the option to go for accessories bundle from Verizon Wireless for only $49+ which is cheaper comparing buying on oneself. Samsung ATIV Odyssey is considered a high specification Smartphone worth for the price and now Verizon has also announced to reduce the price for this Smartphone for $50 after other promotions were being featured in Wirefly Windows 8 Promotion.

Samsung ATIV Odyssey specification

This promotion from Verizon doesn’t require any Verizon Wireless Promo Code but it is the automatic online discount sent directly from Verizon. For impatient people, Verizon offers them with free shipping within 2 days which is very quick and we recommend to go ahead and get it today.


Now you can set a question to your friends who are really good at playing around with smartphone or those who know a lot about it that what is the first Windows 8 smartphone ever come out in 2013? Of course, you have seen the headline, it is Samsung ATIV Odyssey which is the first and the latest smartphone (as of January 2013) that is powered by Windows 8 operating system. Samsung ATIV Odyssey has come with beautiful design but not as flow as we had expected. This phone has come with an amazing wide screen of 4 inches Super Amoled on the resolution of 480 X 800 pixel. The back camera is equipped with many capabilities and the camera specification itself is lower than we have expected at 5 mega pixel ( We firstly believe that it should be around 7-8 mpixel ) capable of recording videos with full HD 1080p. At first glance, we thought that there’s no front camera, but there is one for Samsung ATIV Odyssey for 1.2 pixel. The quality of the front camera is quite good and that might be because with the higher pixel.

Samsung ATIV Odyssey verizon wireless

Coming to Samsung ATIV Odyssey specification, the smartphone is run by Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 1.5 GHz dual core, the latest chipset of which is .5 higher than the previous Windows 8 phone, it comes with 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB storage. Samsung ATIV Odyssey users can upgrade the storage with memory SD card up to 64 GB which is very high. It is equipped with standard battery capacity of 2,100 mAh. Now, the connectivity is great because Samsung ATIV Odyssey is capable of Wifi connection for both 2.4 and 5.0 GHz, comes with the latest Bluetooth technology V3.0, and what we love about this phone is that Samsung ATIV Odyssey has the USB 2.0 port that is connectible with PC, Mac, and other compute units making file transfer easier as well as charging battery from the USB port too. Samsung ATIV Odyssey can accommodate micro sim card good for 2G, 4G LTE, and NFC depends on the carrier which is Verizon Wireless.

Samsung ATIV Odyssey news announcement


Samsung ATIV Odyssey is a great phone with a little higher than standard especially the processor and camera. We don’t have to talk much about the functionality because it is powered by Windows 8. However, there’s nothing much outstanding or great cool feature of the phone. The weight is fine, the shape is easy to grab and not too slippery. This phone is great for beginners who have not tried Windows Phone 8 since there are other Windows 8 Phone which was being released before that works similar to this one such as Nokia Lumia 822 and other series. With the price of about $50, it is worth it to go for this smartphone and we believe that, not for so long, Windows 8 might beat Apple Smartphone during this year based on price, capacity, and more.

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