Samsung Galaxy S II 4G Available at Boost Mobile

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Carrier: Boost Mobile
Phone: Samsung Galaxy S II 4G
Price: $369.99
OS: Android
Promotion: No Contract, Monthly Unlimited
Reviews: iPhone 4S VS Samsung Galaxy S II

See the big picture and snap pics and HD video of it, today, has announced its newest Smartphone with no plans for Samsung Galaxy S II 4G, one of the most popular Smartphone ever made from Samsung. This Smartphone news has just arrived us and we firstly thought that it could be from other phone carrier but not, at this time, it is very excitingly from Boost Mobile. The reason for excitement is that, this smart phone has come with the blazing fast performance and it is considered an Android Smartphone that offer the users all the power plus speed and entertainment that one needs on a brilliant HD touchscreen phone.  Boostmobile also offer customers with 4Genie Promotion Plan as well.

Customers can start getting Samsung Galaxy S II 4G today at Boost Mobile by visiting and look for Samsung Galaxy Smartphone series, put them in the shopping cart and just don’t check out right away, but always look for Boost Mobile Promo code. We also have one recommendation in using the promo code for new phone like Samsung Galaxy S II 4G at the site and customer can save 10% off on the new phone like this. Customers can also look up the recent Samsung Galaxy S2 promotion list from other network as well.

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iPhone 4 or Galaxy S2?

After Apple had released the new iPhone which is the same as the previous version, this had made many people hesitated to purchase the new iPhone 4 and 4S or to go for Samsung Galaxy S2 Android, one of the best Smartphone ever made for consumers from Samsung. Apple has always mention about the Smartphone specifications which is not necessary to be “fast” and “powerful” but it is the matter of software and operating system. However, both competing brand of Apple iPhone 4 and Samsung Galaxy S II 4G battle, it seems to us that Samsung Galaxy S II still can’t beat iPhone on the matter of operating system even though the hardware inside of these Smartphone are all the same quality.

When looking at the other specifications starting from screen size, Samsung Galaxy S II is still having very large screen size which looks very attractive while iPhone 4S has the same width and the size of the screen is still smaller than in Samsung Galaxy S2. Samsung Galaxy S2 beat iPhone 4 on the network capability because this Smartphone think ahead of the technology that it can support such as WiMax, HSPA + 42, and HSPA + 21 mbps.

Another different angle is that, both iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S II has both pros and cons. iPhone 4S has Siri accessibility mode and other applications that are available in App Store while Android is also having its great features and functions as well as various applications from Android such as google music, chat function, video call, and there might be blackberry messenger equipped in Samsung Galaxy S2 in the future as well.

Now, we’d like to close the conversation here with the comparison table between iPhone 4S and Samsung Galaxy S II 4G and so you can decide better if you would like to purchase iPhone 4S from Virgin Mobile, or Samsung Galaxy S II 4G from Boost Mobile because both of them has no contract!

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