Samsung Galaxy S3 is Now Available at Virgin Mobile

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Phone: CHEAP Samsung Galaxy S3
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Review:4.9 STARS Rating from Cnet

Today, Virgin Mobile USA has announced that they are now carrying Samsung Galaxy SIII as an option for those who hate to be trapped in 2 years contract cellular network. Samsung Galaxy S3 were not available Virgin Mobile until today as they have been with Sprint and Verizon Wireless for the past 1-2 years. Even though there are so many interests and demand for Samsung Galaxy S4, however, there are a lot of people that do want to get Samsung Galaxy S3 for their daily use. That’s why Virgin Mobile USA would like to present another option for everyone to go ahead and purchase discounted Samsung Galaxy S3 at The promotion might include discount and Virgin Mobile USA Promo Code and it is now available only at the website.

samsung galaxy s3 at virgin mobile usa today

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It is the master piece with clever design which integrated with the latest technology that answers all the need of the smartphone users to become one. Samsung Galaxy S3 is powered by Quad Core with 1.4 GHz on the android 4.0 Ice cream sandwich that supports all type of connection with the latest camera technology lighting with flash plus the video recording with one of the highest quality in the whole world on full HD plus 1.9 mega pixel on the 16GB and an add-on with microSD card. It could be said that Samsung Galaxy S3 is being designed for mankind with the simple shape but looking very luxurious on the shiny surfaces based on the shape that feels so good when grabbed produced from the finest materials such as Polycarbonate that is covered with Hyperglaze to reinforce increasing the durability.

The display for Samsung Galaxy S3 doesn’t look inferior than the Samsung Galaxy S4, since it is being equipped with HD Super Amoled displaying real color and perfect lighting when display on the 4.8 inches 1280 X 720 pixel. Now, comes to the entertainment section, at front, the developer of the Samsung Galaxy S3 is so brilliant that center the speaker at the center, the LED light is on the left with proximity sensor nearby to catch the distance between the ear and the phone to control the light automatically during the conversation.

samsung galaxy s3 white and black

Enough for Specification, Should I buy it?

Well, if you love the shape, the operating system, and functions of this phone, we would recommend to buy it and the first impression is the touch and feeling of the phone. The assembly quality from the manufacturer is so good that can be felt on the first touch of the Samsung Galaxy S3. The processing speed when opening the application, turning off, restart the phone, taking photos, videos, browse the websites are so good overall. The screen displaying great color and it is the signature and benchmark of the Smartphone coming from Samsung. Games and other applications are running as smooth as silk because of the great processor power. The most important thing about Samsung Galaxy S3 is the camera for front and back. The back camera works fine as it is 5 Mega Pixel and so when taking the shot, the image looks great on the high resolution screen. However, when uploading into PC or Mac, the quality of the image might drop a little and this happens since Samsung Galaxy S2.

samsung galaxy s3 VS s4 at virgin mobile usa

The decision to purchase Samsung Galaxy S3 from Virgin Mobile is up to many reasons, first of all, the Samsung Galaxy S3 pass the review test and it is a green light to buy it, especially when it comes to Virgin Mobile USA that customers do not need to sign the 2 years contract or whatsoever. Besides, Virgin Mobile Offers discount for Samsung Galaxy S3 with pre-paid plan and unlimited everything and so it could be an interesting smartphone which is the most exciting one with attractive price and phone plan in However, if we’re to talk about the size of the phone, when there’s a reason not to buy, it should be based on the user that, someone might not impress the phone that has too-wide screen. Secondly, when they don’t like the oversized phone, they can go for something that a little bit more expensive but looks better such as Grand Duos. However, these are just recommendations, but the decision is up to all of the readers themselves.

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