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Phone: Samsung Galaxy S3 (III) 4GLTE Android 4.1 Jelly Bean
Price: $199.99
Contract: 2 Years
Promotion: Special Offer Promo Code
Review: 4/5 from, 4.5 From
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After we have introduced Sprint Free Activation for Samsung Galaxy S3 with no promo code for free activation required in the previous months, and now we have another promotion coming from Recently, Verizon has announced its brand new promotion for everyone who’s looking for Samsung Galaxy S3 4GLTE in Sapphire Black and Amber Brown can now sign up with to get the latest news and they will be the first to know if this Smartphone in the new color series are going to be available in any time soon. Not only the great new sections of the 2 different colors for Samsung Galaxy S3 but customers who order this will get special pricing and as well as to get free shipping promotion without using Verizon Wireless Promo Code or offer code.

The regular price of Samsung Galaxy S3 or Samsung Galaxy SIII is around $599 to purchase outright, however, Verizon offers this new promotion for everyone for only $199.99 but with the condition that, customers need to sign 2 year activation contract with the company. Samsung Galaxy S3 at Verizon comes with Share Everything Plans that requires customers to handle $40 per month plus super fast 2 days shipping promotion. However, there’s one thing should be noted that the customers will experience termination fee of $350 when they ignore the 2 year contracts.

After Samsung has literally made the announcement during September 2012 in Samsung events that Samsung Galaxy S3 will be updated its operating system to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. This is at the same time that the company also announced to update Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 to be updated to this Jelly Bean version as well. By this news, we have been following up with the latest updates of when the company will make their announcement of the Samsung Galaxy S3 updates. Recently, we have found out that, Samsung Galaxy S3 in UK will be the first to get the update but there’s no further announcement of when it’s going to be and where else the Samsung Galaxy SIII will be updated.

It doesn’t matter when Samsung Galaxy S3 has not yet been updated to the latest Android Version 4.1 Jelly Bean, but we can definitely tell in advance about the new features of this Smartphone after it has been upgraded.

Web Browser – Jelly Bean Android 4.1 allows much faster web browsing than the previous version
Notification – The notification has been improved and easy to be notifed
Setting Area – the setting page has become ease of use and easy to adjust
Pop-up play – the users can now adjust the window size of the pop up play screen
S Memo – Remove S Memo from Android but replace it with S Note which is much better
Google Now – Jelly Bean is now available with Google Now
Project Butter – The user of Samsung Galaxy S3 has never been this smooth
Offline Voice Typing – Just like Dragon Naturally Speaking or Dragon Dictate, Android is now supporting offline voice typing
Home page – the home page can be adjusted into 2 modes depends on the usability

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