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It looks the same as every other smartphone tagged with Samsung brand, it is black, and it looks fine to us. Samsung Galaxy Stella is now available at today. Verizon had released Samsung Galaxy Stella since 2012 at the end of the year and once it was firstly announced on sale, the sales of this Smartphone bumped up a lot and one thing because the Phone price is $329 which is pretty cheap comparing to its specifications. However, today, Verizon has announced a new promotion for Samsung Galaxy Stella which is now free for all with $0 cost but on the 2 year contract. Customers can now take advantage of this free promotion and save $329 off from the Samsung Galaxy Stella list price. May we remind the readers again that this FREE Samsung Galaxy Stella promotion won’t last long because it only runs until supply last. Customers don’t need to use Verizon Wireless Promo Code to receive it free, but it is also available for free at Verizon today.

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It’s corners are perfect, the body is strong, the screen is wide enough to have beautiful screen view, the connection speed is fast, and it is Samsung Galaxy Stella today at Verizon Wireless. Since at the end of 2012 that Samsung Galaxy Stella was being announced to release and it was exactly on time. Samsung Galaxy Stella is the cooperation between Verizon and Samsung and it is only available through Verizon with 4G LTE. Samsung Galaxy Stella is of course powered by Android 4.0 ice cream sandwich which is the latest Android operating system. However, before going right through the software and application reviews, we want everyone to take a look from the outside in.

 copmare samsung galaxy stella VS marauder vs moto droid razr m vs htc incredible 4g lte

The phone design is a bit too common and it looks very familiar to other Samsung phone except the camera case at the back which is larger than other phone. When grab and hold, it feels that it is a bit thicker than it looks with moderate weight but it is still fine to carry all day. At the side, there’s a micro SD slot, charger input, and headset hole. Samsung Galaxy Stella is much better comparing to its competitors such as Pantech Marauder, Motorola Droid RAZR M, and HTC Droid Incredible 4G LTE

samsung galaxy stella from verizon wireless


Surprisingly, Samsung has equipped this Smartphone with lower camera specifications instead of having a high resolution but Samsung Galaxy Stella comes with only 3.2 mega pixel camera at the back. The indoor quality photo taking using the rear camera is quite ok but the light distortion has major impact when taking photo in the low light area especially taking picture on the image text from a moderate distance. The text from the object such as the brand of the car and sign board are quite blurred and not as good as higher quality cam. At the front, users can use Samsung 1.3 mega pixel camera for video calling and photo taking. The camera for Samsung Galaxy Stella allows video recording with VGA quality only.

Screen and Software

For the screen, Samsung Galaxy Stella is equipped with Super AMOLED display giving 800X480 pixels or WVGA which gives up to 16 million color scheme but we do love the icons and text on the screen as it looks really nice colorful and sharp. The locking and unlocking the screen is as standard Android Powered phone with the swipe to unlock. On the screen, there’s a new menu which is has made it easier to navigate. Another incredible feature for Samsung Galaxy Stella is the ability to switch the phone from standard to starter mode and vice versa. The starter mode provides an easier experience for the first time smartphone user right from the home screen, this means that, to prevent complication, Samsung Galaxy Stella new users can learn to use this phone by simple starter mode.

Galaxy stella screen show


Samsung Galaxy Stella is of course running on Android 4.0 Ice Cream sandwich and without proper hardware or processor, it won’t be able to offer better users’ experiences. Autopsy the phone, we can see 1.2 Dual Core Processor and 1 GB of ram which is pretty much OK for Android 4.0. The internal storage comes from the factory is only 4GB, however, it can be upgraded to 32 GB with the use of SD card. No, there’s no QWERTY keyboard, but there is virtual one to rely on only. For connectivity, Samsung Galaxy Stella runs Bluetooth 4.0 the latest version, wifi capable, and super fast 4G LTE connection.

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