Secret code at Great Adventure

Great Adventure Promo Code

Six flags Great Adventure announces today in its facebook page about the secret promo code for all of the visitors. The message was to keep an eye for the special promo code that Six Flags great adventure facebook moderator will hide somewhere in its facebook page. The promo code is expected to be used to get discount just like other six flags promo codes that has been released. This new secret promo code, as informed in Great Adventure facebook page that it will be self destructed after 24 hours after being seen by the visitors ( specifically great adventure facebook fans ). The reactions after the announcement looks good and have got hundreds of comments right after the post.


Where is this code?

The new secret Six Flags Great Adventure promo code is expected be hidden in not many places in facebook page. The first place for them to be hidden is the page note. This is very likely that the code will be hidden in there. The second spot is the comment sections. The moderator of six flags Great Adventure might be waiting for the fan page comments to be longer and announce the code in one time so that who have commented the post will be posted with the promo code that works!

Now, why should they be hiding the code in these 2 places? First of all, both of the place ( the note, and the comments ) can be deleted from facebook fan page, this means it’s self destructed. And another reason might be that the code can be visible to thousands of people at the same time. Six flags has been doing great in terms of offering customers and visitors to the park with great promotion, and it’s seem to us that, Six Flags Promo code is the only popular promotion people are searhing in the internet at this moment.

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