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When you’re looking for the coupon codes and discount codes for SimpliLearn, that means you are just one step to the best online classroom and resources that fortune 500 companies rely on at For those looking for SimpliLearn coupon code, it means that they are trying to register with some courses and we have to say that not all of the courses are eligible to be enrolled with discount using coupon codes. However, since from the past, we could see courses like Project management, Agile and Scrum certification, IT service management and security management, Finance management, Quality Management, SAP certification, Microsoft Certification, and Cisco Certification were on promotions and they didn’t require coupon codes to use to activate discount. Since there are 4 major types of distance learning at which are classroom course, online course, Virtual Classroom, and practice test, we believe that most coupon codes will only work for virtual classroom and online course by entering the coupon code in the box like illustrated below. However, there are some coupon codes which help the customers to get discount on the workshop registration as well.

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It is the global professional certification training provider with 50+ courses accredited by global bodies such as PMI, APMG, International, EXIN and more. Because the academic gets you a job but it doesn’t means that it will help you to raise your salary. The professional and certification builds you the career path and expertise that you can only find in  At the moment, is offering the following courses:PMP, ITIL, Sixsigma, Pince2, SAP, PMIACP, CSM, CFA, FRM, MSP, PgMP, CSPO, ITSM, CTFL, CCNA, CCNP, Minitab, CISA, CISSP, COBIT, CISM, KANBAN, AGILE, SCRUM, and more


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First of all, every learners and students whose focuses are for online classrooms need to know that SimpliLearn had trained over 75,000 professionals around the world with its variety of classroom types in over 150 countries worldwide. The company is regularly having about 300 workshop per month with 5,000 professional having regular access on e-learning courses. The professionals that we’re talking about are not from the regular company but most of them (of about 40%) are coming from fortune 500 companies that are ranked the best in the world. doesn’t use the same course to teach all the time but the company adapts the course and exams uniquely according to the situations. This is why about 96% of the trainees, students, and learners have passed their exam plus with accreditation from over 10 leading global bodies. All of the courses have been instructed by 100 certified and approved trainers.

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Types of Online Classrooms

Learning by the distance or training through virtual class or online learning has been getting very popular since from the past as this method has now taken place as one of the most important distance learning in the world to support the education build up the learner or the students knowledge and to increase working capabilities for the company who wants their employees to get trained without having to leave the job. The online classroom had started to get very important since the early 2000s it is the integration between the technology and process of teaching design to increase the effectiveness of the instructors and learners at the same time to solve the problem of the classroom limitation, timing, and cost.

Using website to work as virtual classroom or online classroom has been to take advantage of the internet capabilities which was being designed for education. This method is also called Web-based instruction, web-based learning, web-based training, web-based instructions, and there are so many people who named them but it doesn’t change the fact that it is the distance learning which would give the highest benefits to the learner all around the world. Now, it is time to know the number of types of web-based or distance learning that everyone, every companies, every educational institutions have been used worldwide.

  1. The stand alone courses – It is the online classroom that is the most popular nowadays as everyone can just pay for one single course and have access to the class. The learners can just choose the course that they want to attend for a period of time by subscription cost or pay per view
  2. Web Supported Courses – On other words, it is the virtual course, whereas the learner and the instructors or teachers can meet virtually through the use of high-speed internet connection. The instructors can interact with learners through this online course, handing homework, exercises, ask questions, and so on.
  3. Web Pedagogical Resources – Another type of virtual course but the courses have added more value in itself during the class such as to illustrate the images, computer software, and instructions to get the task done. This course type is very popular as in website building, photoshop, and the example of this course is such as Kelby Training that focuses mainly on Adobe Software

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Courses Teaching Models

There are in total of 4 courses teaching and coaching model that we are seeing right now in any online classroom course which are

  • Library Model – Allowing the tremendous access for the learners to get to the huge resources of information as the library for further research such as giving the learners the access to eJournals, eBooks, and electronic contents at the same time coaching them what to do.. Now, there’s another similar type which is called textbook model. It is the online course for learners in the powerpoint slide shows, handing the course outline in electronic formats. Another similar type is the interactive learning model by taking advantage of the software that has online interactive capabilities to help with the teaching.
  • Communication Model – This method rely heavily in using computer for communication, the learners will have their chance to communicate with other students and with the instructors either by text chatting or voice over which is considered as another development in the course types for interactive purpose.
  • Hybrid Model – It is the mix of both library model and communication model. The instructors will determine that level of intensity of the course and the level of interactive require for the online course. By this, the learners will have their access to the useful resources at the same time, they can communicate with the instructors and other students in certain level.
  • Virtual Classroom Model – The top of the class for online learning or online classrooms, the virtual classroom model is to simulate the online class as if the learners are sitting in the physical classrooms. This is the most popular type of distance learning nowadays since the students and teachers can exchange the ideas and literature in real time which will help to increase the value added and more effectiveness in online virtual classroom.

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