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Simply Chateau holiday is the long term luxury vacation rental for short break and from 7 days to 14 days in France, UK, Ireland, and as well as the Caribbean. If you’ve seen Cheap Caribbean rental companies that offer only 3-4 nights for hotels and resorts, but that’s not Simply Chateau. For the last decade, Simply Chateau has been specializing in the rental of luxury villas, private chateaux and handpicked holiday homes throughout European and Caribbean countries which are the  UK Country Houses, Luxury Caribbean Villas, Luxury France and Italian Villas . Customers that are interested in this type of holiday rental, they can just book direct with the owner to guarantee the best possible rates with the added security of ABTA bonding and a 100% financial guarantee. When you want to have a long term stay, why book a hotel when you can be lord of the manor in your very own French Chateau? Prices starting from £100 per person per week which is considerably low when comparing with staying in the resort or hotel. is considered the portal where the travelers meet the property owner that offer affordable luxury with low price starting every day. In order to book with, simply visit the site and take advantage of the ongoing discount. Currently, there are no voucher code or coupon code to use, but there will always be onsite promotion where customers can take 20% off instantly on their vacation rentals or follow the link below to see.

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20% off at Chateau De Seyres
Aug 25, 2013 by Anonymous

Did some booking at Chateau De Seyres and obtained some discount

Villa Le Priotlet Saving
Aug 23, 2013 by Anonymous

Seen some discount for Villa Le Priotlet booking, everything is in there, wifi, swimming pool, even wine tasting!

3 Nights at Chateau Chataignier
Aug 22, 2013 by Anonymous

Brilliant saving for summer booking! California Mountain View CA, 94043 USA 4.7 5.0 3 3 Did some booking at Chateau De Seyres and obtained some discount

Don’t be surprised by the high price of each property such as £2,000+ up to £5,000 because it is the price per week and most villa allows more number of people to stay. A large group of traveler can share their cost among each other and stay together in one group since each villa or Chateau doesn’t contain only one room, but some villa has more than 4-5 bedrooms which is a great idea for friends and family to join together sharing cost and pay very small per week. The example of special offer villa and Chateau are such as :  Chateau De Camiller, Manoir De Trebuchet, C19th Chateau, Chateau De Seyres, Chateau St Laurent, La Chapelle De Brouilly, and more Chateau in UK, Ireland, and France which allow number of guests or accommodations up to 25 people at once! 

La Chapelle De Brouilly special rate

La Chapelle De Brouilly comes with special rate

Home Swap VS Vacation Rental

We’re sure everybody heard about another type of vacation rental where the property owner meets another property owner through the website like homeaway UK and The way it works is to let each property owner come and register their property with the website then decide whether to swap the house for a certain period of time. Of course, this could be very interesting to be in other people’s house and it could be very exciting to stay away from each person’s home for a certain period of time. However, not all property owner would exchange theirs with yours. When we compare the home swap and these Chateau rental, it could be more convenience for you to swap the home if you have “good enough” property and everyone will be focusing to exchange it with yours, however, if you don’t have that well-decorated, located in a nice location, then, there is a very minimal chance for you to get exchanged. Why do you need to have your time spending on the other people’s property when you have your chance to get affordable luxury villa and chateau to stay over a week?

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Chateau de Lauzel luxury rental

Chateau de Lauzel luxury rental


Luxury Holiday Rental in Europe
simply chateau in france

Staying in these Chateau is no longer a dream

There are eight different European countries that people usually spend heavily involved in long term or holiday rental: Austria, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK. Most people, when they are considering having vacations in these country (especially older people), they would consider for vacation rentals or holiday rental for a luxury villa such as those Chateau Villa in France and Italy.
Wealth and increasing prosperity Generally, older people is having a relatively large amount of budget through their pension payouts, and as a result want to spend some of it on travel. Several studies in the USA and Canada have indicated that people older than 50 control between 75% and 80% of their country’s wealth in stocks, bonds, bank accounts and real estate. As a result, people in this age group are the heaviest consumers of long term travel in Europe, including overseas travel, luxury condominiums and cars, and luxury villa rental, luxury Caribbean villas, and also in European country such as Italy. Furthermore, older people have greater amounts of discretionary income because many have paid off their homes and built up their savings because their children are generally no longer dependent on them. In Australia, nearly 80% of seniors 60 years and older own their homes. Because Australian baby boomers are more likely to have higher incomes than the average, they are overrepresented in the highest household income quintile. Additionally, more than half of married baby boomers are dual-income couples, which increases the amount of discretionary income that can be spent on the luxury villa and long term Chateau vacation rentals.

Chateau de Cource

Chateau de Cource

The tourism industry should not consider older adults as one single distinct group, but see them as a heterogeneous group of people that includes many distinct travel ideas. The holiday rental and luxury villa rental market are a substantially increasing market and its needs are beginning to be considered as important by tourism operators. This is mainly because of its sheer size, diverse lifestyle patterns, which are very different from previous generations of older people. The average age of retirement is falling and many people in this age group are now ‘empty nesters’ whose children have left home. They are healthy, highly educated and financially secure, and as a result want to increasingly enjoy special interest travel that caters for new and innovative hands-on experiences. This is true of older women, especially those who are widowed and single, who will become a large and increasing segment of the older adult market.

Chateau la Monte Epinge

Image taken by Simply Chateau at Chateau la Monte Epinge

Why Can’t I Find The Right Vacation?

Because the internet has taken place the old way of advertising and the customers who want to book the Chateau Holiday Rental will no longer put so much effort on reading the advertisement in the book, also, people are more concerned greater emphasis on quality, courteousness and good service, yet they are keen to obtain value for money. The tour or luxury vacation rental companies need to review their marketing messages so as to better understanding for people in their promotional imagery. One of the problems in the past has been to project the right image and the appropriate message to older people, as seen in the analysis of tourism brochures in the UK. The vacation rental companies need to review the vacation products directed towards different group of customers, the youngster and the older. Older people are now more adventurous, and are seeking out cultural and heritage sites from an educational perspective. As a result, there is a growing trend towards more independent, long-haul and activity-filled holidays that may eventually replace traditional tour packages and beach holidays with their emphasis on rest and relaxation.


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