Six Flags Great America Promo Code

Six Flags Great America Promo Code

Six Flags Great America is one of the six flags chain this is located in Chicago Illinois. The park contains about 16 acre of the area. Six Flags Great America was not firstly named as it is at the present day. The park was originally name Marriott’s Great America until it was being taken over by Six Flags company to become one of the Six Flags chain. Six Flags Great America is the only biggest theme park in Chicago Illinois which is having many types of park in itself. There are hundreds of thousands of visitors visiting Great America per year and thus Six Flags wants to offer those visitors with online promotion by launching Six Flags Promo Code. Six Flags is owning a website which is operating as the communication channel from sixflags to the customers. The visitors and customers will be able to reserve and purchase Six Flags passes, flash passes, one day ticket and so many more through the site. That’s why six flags wants the customer to save on purchasing ticket online as an promotion and thus it has been launching Six Flags Great America Promo code and Hurricane Harbor Chicago Promo code to encourage the customers to purchase tickets more online rather than queing up at Six Flags entrance or at the front gate. These promo codes will help the customers to get discount from purchasing passes, flash passes, and other type of passes and ended up paying lesser than they should from online. Sometimes, Six Flags promo codes will bring in special offer for the visitors who have purchased the ticket and print out the E-ticket showing to the officer at Six Flags gate and receive free gift from the park.

From the saving, visitors can feel more enjoyable from the journey in the park. Six Flags Great America is one of the six flags theme park chain that has the most rides of about 64 rides in the park which are located in 11 areas. In addition to this, Six Flags Great America is also one of the park that has the most number of maximum thrill rides or more than about 15 killer rides for the visitors to try.



Yukon Territory

Winner’s Circle Go Karts–Starting with the Go karts in Yukon Terri area. This is just an ordinary go kart racing which gives moderate thrill

The Little Dipper–It’s one the oldest ride in the park with classic style and all of the family members can join the ride dropping from 3 stories building and it’s fun.

Logger’s Run–It’s the type of water splash ride but this time it’s not the boat but the riders will be seated on the log.

Yankee Clipper–It starts slow and it’s going faster in no time. The riders will be swirl and will be dropped from a 60 feet height.

Whirlgig–It’s the huge swingset that will be spinning around. Good for smaller kids

Vertical Velocity–This thing will shoot the riders up vertically with over 70 MPH within 4 seconds, just like you’re in the mission to mar.

East River Crawler–Riders will be sitting on the giant monster’s hand that is taking them around and around.

Batman the ride–This works just like Bat man in Six Flags Over Georgia with the idea that combine with the movie the Batman in the Gotham city.

Southwest Territory

Viper–This is just like the Viper in Baja Ridge area at Six Flags Magic Mountain. It’ the dark coil of the viper, the riders will be taken to the 10 stories hight and will be dropped as low as 80 feet for the first time and this ride is being sponsored by M&M’s

River Rocker–It’s the swinging Canoe that will take the rider down to the mysterious rivers.

Ricochet–Riders wil be swung around with up and down movement and they’ll be rotating with the giant arm.

Raging Bull–One of the most extreme with the most height and the fastest roller coaster. It gives extremely thrilled and feared to the riders. The ride is being sponsored by STARBURST

Giant Drop–It’s gradually taking the riders up vertically toward the sky and then free fall

Chubasco–The spinning and twirling machine

Orleans Place

The Dark Knight Coaster–It’s the ambition of the gotham city. The coaster will be running through the completely dark tunnel. Ride with fear

Superman : Ultimate Flight— This is the ride that’s the same one as in Six Flags Over Georgia. The ride travels with the speed of light, the riders will feel like they’re flying

Rue Le Dodge–it’s the bumper car but in the form of classic car

Condor–It’s got 4 hands with 7 fingers, each hand will allow up to 7 people to be seated. The condor will lift you up vertically and will spin you out.

Mardi Gras

The Jester’s Wild Ride–The tugboat will whirl and rock the riders and all of the family memebers can enter the ride.

Roaring Rapids–It’s the grand canyon white water rafting that everyone will definitely get wet from riding this.

Ragin’Cajun–It’s the fast track roller coaster which spins in every directions ( 360 degree ) and will be dropped to the ground before the riders know it.

King Chaos–This is one of the extreme swing ride that will be rolling the riders in the air

Big Easy Balloons–It’s the balloon like ride that will lift the riders away in the higher ground. Family members can join together in one balloon.


Zoomjets–It’s the test fly ride for kids with the care of adult

Up, Up & away–It’s a type of ride in KIDZOPOLIS that will lift the smaller children up

Splish Splash Zone–Kids will always feel fun playing with water splash. That’s the purpose of this splish splash zone

Krazy Kups–Kids and younger children will be sitting in the spinning tea cup.

Krazy Kars–It’s the bunch of convoys for kids

Bouncer–It’s the type of vehicle that kids can hop in to.

Hurricane Harbor

Wipeout–It’s the new ride which is the new ride from six flags being introduced this year. It’s one of the most intense water slide ever introduced to Six Flags

Wahoo Racer–Come and join the water gutter race with spiral tunnels. Riders will enjoy this from top to bottom.

Vortex and Typhoon–It’s a moderate thrill ride which will throw the rider down below. This park will be opened late may to labor day, get ready for this.

Tornado–It’s the tornado water park which has its very unique play that’s the same one in Six Flags white water park

Surf Rider–Its the new moderate thrill rider in Six Flags, in this park rider can surf with 5 feet waves with surf board and body surfing

Skull Island–Kids can play in this water park and get soaked. It’s the largest water park in six flags.

Riptide Bay–It’s the most favourite place for the diver, and surfer with moderate thrill

Paradise Plunge and Riptide–The story begins at the high tower and the tower will shoot the rider down to the bottom. There has not beem much news on this since the park will be opened during labor day.

Monsoon Lagoon–Family can join together in this large size pool and meet the rockscaped waterfall and water spray.

Mega Wedgie–Riders will be put in the capsule like tube with feet dropping toward the pool by 80 degree very steep and will be dropping at 40 miles per hour

Hurricane Mountain–Enter the tubes through a brisk. Riders will be traveling at a high spped with dark and twisted tunnel from the top

Hurricane Bay–It’s a huge with 500,000 gallon of water pool that will be opened this coming labor day.

Hammerhead and Barracuda–Riders will be sucked down from the 5 stories height water funnel. This ride is being sponsored by Trident.

Dive Bomber–The new one has just opened. Riders will be dropped in the looping tube while they are standing on the drop out floor. This gives extreme thrill to the riders

Castaway Creek–This one will be opened soon, there’s not much info on this water park

Bahama Mama and bubba tubba–This ride gives moderate thirll and chill with a multi seats raft that will be riden down the funnel and hit the pool

Home Town Square and County Fair

Threre’s only one ride at Hometown square and county fair which is the scenic railway. It’s a 15 mins ride railway for children that should be accompanied by adults

Hometown Square

Whizzer–The only coaster that is lifted. Riders will be traveling along the spiral coaster.

Triple Play–There are 21 cars that will be speeding up in different directions

The orbit–It’s the strange wheel that will spin upside down that will make the rider stunned

Hometown fun machine–It’s a fun machine with ok thrill level that has been in Six Flags for more than 30 years.

County Fair

Sky Trail–It’s a rope course with moderate thrill with additional fees.

Revolution–Let’s revolutionalized in a much powerful swinging machine.

Iron Wolf–It moves like a wolf, this iron wolf is the world’s tallest and fastest stand up coaster

Fiddler’s Fling–Going back and forth on the 25 cars, riders can experience the dizziness

Demon–Its’ the demon that has lived for more than 30 years with a traditional style of coaster riding.

Dare Devil Dive–The ride on this ride is not really a ride. It’s the tripple bungy jump that fits 3 jumpers at the same time.

Buccaneer Battle–It’s a raft type of boat with the water gun shooting at freinds and people nearby.

American Eagle–This is not the type of shirt but a wooden coaster with classic style as it has been there for over 25 years

Carousel Plaza

Sky Trek Tower–It’s a sightseeing tower with the view of Great America with the height of 28.5 stories. A great place for family get together.

Columbia Carousel–This park is considered to be Six Flags Great America signature park with double decker style with the height of 10 stories building.

Camp Cartoon

Yogi’s Yahoo River–This is the relax ride which gives facination rather than thrill to the riders

Spacely’s Sprocket Rocket–The cartoon camp with the baby roller coaster

Scooby Doo’s Mystery Machine–It’s the mysterious machine, anything can pops up with surprises


Instructions to use Six Flags Great America Promo Code

These are the steps to use six flags promo code at Great America Park

Step 1 : Reveal Six Flags promo code

You’ll be redirected to page as well as seeing the promo code for sixflags

Step 2 : Enter Promo Code

In this step, there’s no need to select the park just yet, wait for the next step to select the park near you or the park where you’re going to go to.

Step 3 : Select the park near you.

On this page, you can use the drop down box so that you can see all parks available for purchasing pass online. Try to look carefully as the letter name is sometimes look very tidy and you may mistakenly select the wrong park.

Step 4 : Select Six Flags Product

On this page, you’ll find many Six Flags products, such as season pass, tickets, flash pass, family pass, daily tickets and much more. Do not be overwhelmed by these options, just go for the one that you want the most.

Step 5 : Select Six Flags Promotion

Once the product is being chosen from you, follow a few steps in the purchase procedure and arrive at the promotion page of six flags. On this page, you’ll find what the promo code would give you. For example, one-day admission theme park + safari, Cold Stone one-day general use admission for $34.99.

Step 6 : Review your shopping cart

You need to review your shopping card and double check it as you might never know if you’ve missed something or getting of what you don’t need in extra and will end up paying more.

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