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The best activities for dad to enjoy at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

  • Brave our beastly, daring rides
  • Be competitive with games and attractions
  • Season Pass Holders bring a friend for $19.99

Dads enjoy spending time with family, tackling extreme challenges, beating the competition, and indulging in scrumptious food—all of which can be completed at Six Flags. Celebrate dad this Father’s Day, June 16, and let him experience all his favorite activities at the park

2013 Show Lineup at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

  • Family-friendly interactive shows
  • Animal encounters and special presentations
  • Musical dance parties for all ages

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom has an exciting lineup of shows to keep you entertained all summer long. Whether you want to interact with unique animals, sing and dance with characters, or watch special learning demonstrations, Six Flags family-friendly shows have something for everyone to enjoy.

When you need to kick back in between riding coasters, we have 11 exciting shows to keep you entertained. Be sure to pick up an entertainment schedule at the front gate so you can plan your full day of fun. You don’t want to miss any of these amazing performances during the day.

Dive into fun at the all-new dolphin show. The playful and social bottlenose dolphins will demonstrate their unique marine talents, including swimming speed, aquatic grace, high-flying leaps, and spinning action. The incredible trainers will accompany the dolphins as they interact and make a splash at the Toyota Stadium.

Cirque Dreams Splashtastic
There is a new groundbreaking show is the Most Amazing Show Above H2O. Talented aerialists and acrobats from the world-renowned Cirque Dreams team up with the energetic bottlenose dolphins, for a magical and captivating presentation. You’ll witness strength, beauty, and incredible feats by both humans and dolphins in this aquatic theatrical experience.

Pinnipeds of the Caribbean
This family-friendly comedy show will have the evil pirates walking the plank. A mischievous sea lion helps battle the greedy pirates to recover the key to the lost treasure. Along the way, he’s assisted by a cute gang of otters and harbor seals. The show is filled with action, suspense, humor, and cunning antics as the sea lions outwit the pirates.

Birds of the World
Head to the Bird Theater for a fun and educational demonstration all about the feathered friends. The Birds of the world’s trainers will show off some of the most interesting species of birds, including exotic kookaburras, hornbills, parrots, raptors, macaws, eagles, and cockatoos. They’ll fly overhead with their incredible wingspans, showcase their beautiful colors and features, and make you laugh with their singing and talking abilities.

Odin’s Temple of the Tiger
Believe it or not, some cats do like water. Head over to Odin’s Temple of the Tiger to see Siberian and Bengal tigers in action. Akasha, Nalin, Maksim, and Mischa are playful and will demonstrate their amazing natural behaviors, like standing up, fighting, leaping, and most impressive—swimming underwater.

Jocko’s Walrus Demonstration Show
Six Flags Discovery Kingdom is one of the only places to see and meet enormous Pacific walruses. And in this informative presentation, you’ll learn all about these incredible creatures. Peek into the underwater viewing window to stare into the eyes of the 3,100-pound Sivuqaq, also known as Jocko, and his two female companions. You’ll learn how these pinnipeds use their long tusks and flippers to eat and climb onto their icy rock formations, and understand how they live and behave.

Elephant Demonstration Show
Come see the world’s largest animals up-close at the intimate Elephant arena. The trainers will introduce you to an African or Asian elephant and understand the physical differences between these two types of subspecies, like ear size and trunk shape. You’ll witness the appearance and behaviors of these pachyderms up-close, and maybe even get the chance to touch their trunks after the show.

Wildlife Theater Show
In this mixed animal presentation, you can meet small animals up-close. These knowledgeable animal trainers introduce exotic animals and demonstrate their unique features and behaviors. You’ll learn all about birds, squirrel monkeys, porcupines, rabbits, skunks, servals, bobcats, snakes, and other small creatures. Many of the animals seen in this educational and exciting presentation came to us from wildlife rehabilitation programs, and now serve as ambassadors for their species.

Live & Local
How about some live music to accompany your coaster thrills? You can catch the hottest up-and-coming local bands playing live in the park’s main plaza. These musicians are from every style and genre, showing off their original hits and innovative sounds.

Looney Tunes Dance Off
Sing and dance with your favorite Looney Tunes characters in this musical showdown. Bugs Bunny, Lola, Daffy Duck, Tweety, and Sylvester team up to perform their dance routines to hits by Lady Gaga, Beyonce, and Rihanna. You and the judges will have the final say in which dancing duo has the best moves.

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