Six Flags Promo Code $2 OFF

Six Flags Great Adventure Promo Code

The visitors are usually looking for promo codes and coupon codes before they’re going to visit six flags park. Why? because they want to save more on the admission ticket to six flags park. Six Flags has been giving away these special code for the customers to encourage them to purchase six flags theme park ticket cheaper via online channel at To purchase the admission ticket through online channel, it needs some motivation for the visitors. Six flags then, releases those six flags promo code to the customers in which the codes can be used online only and that’s how six flags has been doing so good since the past. The promo code from six flags has been updated regularly in which there are some promo codes that have already expired, and most of them are expired in about a week or two. Left only one promo code that has been working for about 3 years now.

Great Adventure Special Code

At Six Flags Great Adventure, There are millions of visitors visiting this six flags amusement park chain every year. The visitors to this park has been regularly use Six Flags Promo Code to get discount on admission ticket. But do they know that there’s only one code that they have been using for the past 3 years? Six Flags Great Adventure promo code that helps the visitors to save $2 OFF has been there for over 4 years now and it is still active and applicable for discount. Click here to see Six Flags Great Adventure promo code.

Other Great Adventure promotions

Six flags does not just offer the promo code as the promotion for the visitors, but it also invite the customers to join the sweepstakes that they have internally in the park. By joining Six Flags Great Adventure Facebook page and “Like” them. The visitors will have chance to enter a sweepstakes to instantly win 2 tickets to the park. This is an awesome promotion that need no promo code at all.

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