Six Flags White Water Promo Code ( Atlanta )

Six Flags White Water Park Promo Code

Six Flags White Water park is just another park that is associated with Six Flags company. The park is located in Atlanta at Cobb County. White water park was not orignially operated by Six Flags. White water park was being taken over by Six Flags during 1999. In Atlanta, there’s not just Six Flags White Water park, but there’s another park which is Six Flags Over Georgia and White Water park is considred the second largest to Six Flags Over Georgia. Other than Over Georgia promo code, Six Flags wants the customers to save more on White Water Park as well. Thus, Six Flags has been regularly offering the customers with Six Flags Promo Code and also White Water Park Promo Code which is the special code online for the customer to enter the codes in the box while selecting the Six Flags Park in The promo code will help the visitors to the park who wish to reserve the ticket online to purchase six flags passes, flash passes, one day ticket, and even other parking ticket for Six Flags White Water Park. Six Flags white water promo code is working as a coupon code that customer usually use to shop online. The promo code does not only offer discount on the passes and ticket it also gives free gift once the promo code user get the special deal from using the promo code. White water promo code will also help the customer not to get in the line at Six Flags white water park entrance waiting to purchase the ticket and passes but to hand them the printed e-ticket and get through the gate immediately. In addition to the promo code for white water park. There are about 23 rides on 5 park area within white water theme park.  Each of the ride will be located in each specific area.  However, if we’re talking about the thrill level of each ride, it can be said that, the thrill level for each ride is not comparable of what Six Flags is having in Over Georgia.  As you know each of the ride has its story and they can be illustrated in brief below:



Flash Flood Canyon

Run-A-Way River–It’s the water tunnel with 735 long where rider can ride along from the top entrance to the pool with the height of 70 feet.

The Cliffhanger–This is the most extreme thrill ride in Flash Flood Canyon. No tools are allowed to help you from the free fall with one of the tallest tower water gutter. This water slide will bend your mind from the entrance to the other end.

Park Wide

There’s only one ride at Park-wide area which is Buccaneer Bay. The bay is a type of park with moderate size. There are water slides, pop jet and water spray area for kids to play

Pine Valley

Atlanta Ocean Wave Pool–It’s the park that represent the atlanta or atlantic ocean. It’s the huge swimming water park uses huge amount of water

Captain Kid’s Cove–There’re toys and stuff for kids to play in Captain Kid’s Cove with over 100 interactive activities for kids to learn.

The Little Hooch River– This is just like river cruise in Hurricane harbor, with giant life saver tube, kids and family can be cruising around the river like water park.

Tornado–Riders will be seated in the 4 seat yellow life saver tube and will be dropped from about 7 stories high from a large water funnel.  This gives maximum thrill to the riders and this ride is being sponsored by STARBURST

Tree House Island–Kids can enjoy the tree house from this ride as well as the water spray, bridges, and water sliders

Slippery Ridge

Bahama Bob Slide–5 riders will be on a raft cruising down the chute with length of a standard football field.

Bermuda Triangle–This is for kids to play around with and gives very little thrill.  Kids will be sliding along the double water tube down from the top.

Black River Falls–This gives moderate thrill to the riders.  The riders can choose to use the life saver tube or bare feet to slide down in the tube through the dark and get stunned by the tiny pinholes

Caribbean Plunge–Gives ok thrill feeling with 3 seconds drop from the water tube.

Dragon’s Tail–This is the most intense thrill from all of the ride in Slippery Ridge with over 250 feet triple drop will make the rider feels to the extreme

Gulf Coast Screamer–diving downhill through the water funnel with the speed that the rider will scream.  2 ways to go down, with the extreme speed or sliding through the curve and swerving funnel.

The 100 Meter Splash–Dive down 100 meters and splash.  It’s the water splash for kids to play and compete with each other.

The Tidal Wave–A large swimming pool like with the artificial waves coming around.

Wildwater Lagoon

Activity Pool–It’s an ok pool that the family and join together as one.  There are many activities to do in this pool and most of the riders are small children since they can play in every corner of this pool

Bonzai–It’s another type of water splash ride which gives little thrill and mostly for older children

Lilypad Crossing–Grab the overhead ropes or else they’ll fall down to the pool.

Lizard’s Tail–Gives small thrill for the older kids, the double water funnel that rider can dive in from the top to the bottom.  The shape of the water funnel looks very much like the snake’s tongue.

Mutiny Chute-Drop yourself down to the pool with a single water funnel for kids

The Rapids–It’s the high speed hoot with sudden drop, the rider will never know when they’re going to be dropped.

The Three-slide Body Flume–The triple slides funnel that riders can race with their friends.


Instructions to use White Water Park Promo Code

These are the steps to use six flags promo code at White Water Park Atlanta

Step 1 : Reveal Six Flags promo code

You’ll be redirected to page as well as seeing the promo code for sixflags

Step 2 : Enter Promo Code

In this step, there’s no need to select the park just yet, wait for the next step to select the park near you or the park where you’re going to go to.

Step 3 : Select the park near you.

On this page, you can use the drop down box so that you can see all parks available for purchasing pass online. Try to look carefully as the letter name is sometimes look very tidy and you may mistakenly select the wrong park.

Step 4 : Select Six Flags Product

On this page, you’ll find many Six Flags products, such as season pass, tickets, flash pass, family pass, daily tickets and much more. Do not be overwhelmed by these options, just go for the one that you want the most.

Step 5 : Select Six Flags Promotion

Once the product is being chosen from you, follow a few steps in the purchase procedure and arrive at the promotion page of six flags. On this page, you’ll find what the promo code would give you. For example, one-day admission theme park + safari, Cold Stone one-day general use admission for $34.99.

Step 6 : Review your shopping cart

You need to review your shopping card and double check it as you might never know if you’ve missed something or getting of what you don’t need in extra and will end up paying more.

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