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using coupon code at smkw



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History of Knife

Human had known the way to use metal to reproduce them as knives almost a thousand of years ago in the Asian Minor and the knowledge had spread out to Europe and United States until present. The use of metal has been developed by combing natural resources in order to accomplish the need of the tools such as in the military point of view in the sense of how to produce the metal to be lightest, strong, and durable suitable to all types of weather. The same thing as producing knives, choosing the right metal must be done by the manufacturers to choose which type of metal to combined and to produce by the type of knife, combat, or for trekking, mountain works, woods exploratory, but all knives will have the same capability which is to stay sharp all the time, durable to the rust, and those metal that are being used to produce knives are such as S30V, D2, 154CM, 440c, F8, ATS403, and 1095 high carbon. Now, we’re here not to talk about the materials but we would want to introduce the types of knives that people use in different purpose and in different occasion.

Types of Knives and How to Choose Them

At the matter of fact, choosing the knife to be perfect for the job and for the occasion is not difficult, it is just to know the number of types of knives. It is the fact that every knife is the same because it has its sharpness, can be used to chop, cut, stab, saw, and if we will talk about the job that can be done and those are hunting, cooking, self-defense, and more. Choosing knife is totally depended on this and also 100% depended on the lifestyle and each person’s preferences. That’s why we would like to illustrate the type of knives illustrated below


  • Machete – It is the fixed blade knife which is the longest and the biggest knife but shorter than the sword used in the ancient time. The knife blade will have its length more than 12 inches and it is about 17 inches to 22 inches. Many countries call this knife as “Sparta Knife”. The purpose of using Machete is to explore the area, cut down the glass, glass shear, cut down the small tree branches, and some countries use it for agriculture, cutting down the fruits from the tree such as in South America. For government, the government agency who work as the forest guardian and officer, they usually have these Machete to both protect themselves and to explore the wood.


machete usage and purpose

Example of machete

  • Woodpal – At the edge of the knife, it is the cutting head to reinforce the edge of the knife itself. It is being designed to cut the tree that has about 12 inches to 17 inches. It is the heavy duty knife type. Woodpal will only work good with cutting tree and most people who don’t have anything to do with tree cutting won’t usually have them. However, it seems that axes are more popular than woodpal at the present day.


woodpal for tree cutting

woodpal for tree cutting

  • Bowie – It is the fixed blade that has the length of 10-15 inches. However, people usually confused about the military bowie and hunting bowie, but the original bowie was being produced for military for combat purpose. Since we’re here to introduce the types of knifes, we won’t go deep in the way they use the knife for combat
bowie for military

bowie knife example

bowie military type

bowie military type



  • Outdoor Knife – There are other names such as the hunting knife, skinner, or camp knife. There are not much different between these 3 types of knife and they are usually substitute to each other. The length of the knife will be able 4 to 10 inches and the different is made by the purpose of using it such as outdoor knife for cooking, meat cutting, and for those using for cutting for firewood, then, the most popular length is 7 inches.
camp knife

Camping Knife Example

  • Camp Knife – For people who explore the wood with conservative, the camp knife is the best for them and it is nothing hard to understand about this knife type because it is being used around the camp setup area
  • Folder Knife – It is the knife that can be kept in the folder. Folder Knife is being carried by many people because it is not so dangerous when it is in its folder with locking system. The locking systems are such as lock back, liner lock, frame lock, and etc.
  • Neck Knife – It is the short knife that can be carried along everywhere hanging on the person’s neck. This is a very useful knife that can be used to cook food, slice the meat, and along the way to self-defense
  • Rescue Knife – As the name say, it is the knife with serrated blade in order to cut or slice the rope and the object such as the safety belt strap and even the clothes of the casualties. Some rescue knives will have the glass breaking needle to smash the car’s glass, house’s glass, and more for rescue purpose. This rescue knife has so much weight and it might be liability to carry around. The recommendation is, a person should have this type of knife in car for emergency use.
rescue knives

Rescue Knives for Emergency Situation

  • Multi-Tool – This is what we know, it is the multi-purpose type of knives with other tools that everyone should have at least one unit in their household. The multi-tool knife is very popular for fishing, camping, and for making fire.

About Smoky Mountain Knife Works is the World’s Largest Knife showplace. They have 30 years worth of experience in the knife industry. The company carries WR Case, Gerber, SOG, Swiss Army, etc. Many of the items are SMKW exclusives. The company runs weekly promotions on website. The website offers over 20,000 products with an average order of $89.

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