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Today, we have the new VMware coupon code for SocialCast that can be used in Act fast, SocialCast coupon code can help you to get the price of SocialCast for 100 users to become only 50! It is 50% off SocialCast discount code that will take half of the price off from the 100 users over by simply choosing the number of users and the SocialCast packages that you want to purchase and apply coupon code to get 50% discount. Wherever you are in the world SocialCast will help you, your co-workers, or you employees stay connected to each other. SocialCast is the internal social network for the company to share ideas, workflow and information. It helps to shorten the time frame for the CEO or the upper management will distribute the messages to their employees. So, instead of taking days to make the announcement, it takes only a matter of seconds to distribute news internally via SocialCast of which everyone in the organizations knows about. SocialCast is the new way the companies share the information internally in the organizations with sharepoint, customer relationship management, the knowhow, ideas, innovations, and it is working like a crowd sourcing internally in the intranet. Every single employees can be connected to follow up their works, to know about the internal news and updates, and this can be done on any devices at anytime they want.  See below how we used socialcast coupon code in the VMware shopping cart

vmware SocialCast Coupon

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100 users for 50
Nov 01, 2013 by Anonymous

You need to get 100 users and apply coupon to get 50% off, don't take 50 users option

Saved $1,500!
Oct 20, 2013 by Anonymous

This coupon code is just awesome, saved half as advertised California Mountain View CA, 94043 USA 5.0 5.0 2 2 You need to get 100 users and apply coupon to get 50% off, don't take 50 users option

Social Network In Businesses (SocialCast from VMware)
Large communications service providers lose some customers every month and they work hard to keep this number as low as possible. In fact, most have become quite good at understanding the causes of customer churn and improving customer service to minimize the things that make customers leave. Of course, the competition has also improved at creating offers to attract your customers away. This healthy competition is good for consumers and is the source of great innovations, but it forces even the best service providers to constantly ask, “ How can we do better? ” One way to do better is to pay attention to special people – connectors. So who are these connectors and what makes them so special? tell us about today ’ s fast – moving high – technology marketplace? Instead of riding around on horses shouting to each other, we use mobile phones, e – mail, and social network sites. But these special people, the connectors, are still with us. The technology may have changed but connectors still infl uence our behavior and they are worth paying attention to. Connectors know lots of people, many times the number of people the average person knows. But, they also know essential facts about people. Chances are you know someone like this, someone that seems to know everyone and stops to talk wherever they go, but it isn ’ t all small talk. Connectors know what to talk about with the people they meet. If you tell a connector about your hobby they can give you the names of several people who share that interest. Tell them about a problem you have and they will give you the names of people who can be helpful. Tell them about a great new product and a connector will spread the word. Research has shown that most people have at one time or another found a job because a connector put them in contact with someone they did not know who helped them get the job. Connectors play a vital role in our social networks like SocialCast. The impact of connectors to a small neighborhood business is quite obvious. A local restaurant owner would obviously want to give his best table to a customer who is very infl uential in the neighborhood while the lone traveling businessman will likely fi nd himself seated near the kitchen. I bet tavern owners in colonial Boston bent over backward to make sure Paul Revere had a good table, a well – prepared meal, and excellent service. The smart tavern owner would realize that he had more customers on nights when Paul Revere stopped in, he observed other customers saying hello to Paul and asking him to please join them. People stayed longer and spent more money when Paul was around. Then as now, owning a tavern is high risk business venture and the presence of one man like Paul Revere can determine if the business will tip toward profitability.

The Evolving of Social Network into the Business
Unlike SocialCast, the normal Social network analysis takes into consideration the fact that social life is relations among individuals. Behaviors within a network are critical to understanding social connections, and — more important — the implications that they create inside a community. The most relevant implication is how particular people inside a social network can infl uence others to perform similar events. In terms of business, what makes an individual a leader or follower? What is the impact when a telecommunications company loses an infl uential customer within a social network? Are companies able to lead other customers afterward? Are companies able to lead other customers to purchase new products and bundles or to consume new services? Understanding the consequences from the new perspective of social relations can allow companies to predict new business events and to focus the customer relationship management more accurately. The study of social networks is formally defi ned as a set of nodes , which consist of network members . Those nodes are connected by different types of relations, which are formally defi ned as links . Network analysis study takes all those connections as the primary building blocks of the social world. It does not collect just unique types of data, but traditional analysis takes into consideration individual attributes. Social network analysis also considers the attributes of relations from a fundamentally different perspective than that adopted by individualist or attribute – based social science. Traditional methods of data analysis usually consider individual attributes from all observations in order to analyze the information available. What is the average characteristic from a particular population of companies, employees, customers, or markets? Particularly in telecommunications, it is quite common to analyze the individual data to understand customer behavior, such as the average billing, type of payment, frequency and amount of service usage, and so on. Besides the individual attributes, social network analysis considers all information about the relationships among the network members (nodes). As a matter of fact, the information about the relations among the individuals within a social network is usually more relevant than the individual attributes of the individuals. The relations among the individuals can tell more about customers than their individual attributes. This is the basic difference between data analysis and social network analysis. What you are is not as important as how you behave and connect with others.