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Many pool owners are looking for ways to save on their swimming pool expenses throughout the year and Swimming Pool Solar Covers work great every time they want to save on the expenses. This year, many people start to use solar covers for their pool and they try to find the best price cover in the internet. Today, we have the deals and promotions from, the qualified pool supplies distributor that offer the best price of Solar Covers for swimming pool over the past years. Pool Supply World is offering discount for solar covers to heat the pool for free and extend the swimming season. The company offers the solar covers by 3 shapes, the oval solar covers, round covers, and the rectangular covers that comes in various different sizes based on the need. The material of the covers are from Velox brand which is the leading brand from Germany specializes in rubber and plastic and customers can rest assure that the materials from Velox being used in the Solar Covers or sun covers is from the European Distribution of Raw Material Specialties that is qualified. Customers, can, today, purchase the Velox solar covers from with extra discount by using Pool Supply World Mention Code. The discount will be ranged from 5% up to 10% plus up to 3-5 years guaranteed and this is totally depended on the nature of the code provided. See below on how you can save up to 10% shopping for Solar Covers at ( See Image below on how you can save more )

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Why Do You Need Solar Covers?

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Since swimming pool is one of the house landmark and it is one of the most luxurious section that the household needs to pay thousands of dollars to keep, to maintain, and to look after every year. The swimming pool is the meeting spot for the neighbors, families, and friends that can join together swim together, and have pool side activity together. Now, when we look at the cost associated with the swimming pool for outdoor type and it is quite huge because it involves hygienic and safety standard for the owners to follow. Now, there’s one more thing about the saving of pool maintenance cost plus safety, pool cover is another item to be used to maintain the pool and to secure it from children falling onto. Pool Cover has been used widely in United States of America because of the safety concern, hygienic matter, and the cost versus benefit feature. For safety and hygienic, the pool cover prevents leaves and particles from falling down onto the pool and clog the pool filter, but if we talk about reducing cost for the pool and how does the pool cover would do this job perfectly? Well, there’s one type of pool cover which helps to save the cost and it is Solar Covers. The Swimming Pools Solar covers are widely used in the market for both non-branded and branded. However, we would recommend the branded ones as the one from pool supply world since it is being produced with good quality materials especially using the rubber from Velox that is perfect for the pool. People use solar covers for various reasons and one of them is to prevent heat loss during night time. When it is night time, without cover, the pool will lose the heat during the day and thus will need to be re-warmed again during the day time using swimming pool warmer and thus the electricity bills will become higher. It help to reduce the water utility bill since the solar covers will prevent the evaporation during day and night time and thus the pool owners will lose lesser money on the water spending. When the solar cover is being used, there will be lesser evaporations during day and night and thus, the spending of chemical use in the pool such as chorine will be much lesser as well. In conclusion, here are the reasons that you should use Solar Covers for your pool

  1. Extend Your Pool Season
  2. Cut Nightime Heat Loss
  3. Reduce Evaporation
  4. Lower Chemical Use
  5. Keep Pools Debris-Free
  6. Increase Water Temperature

About Velox Solar Covers

Velox is from which is the distributor and manufacturer of the fine materials with great quality on rubber, plastic, and many more. Certified by German standard, the company is with ISO Certification on both production and environment. The company has been operating for over 20 years and was being starting during 1993.

About Pool Supply World

PoolSupplyWorld carries all of the well-known brands in the pool and spa supply industry, as well as innovative new manufacturers. Our goal is to make your swimming pool and spa inviting and healthy by offering a selection of tens of thousands of products and parts for every imaginable need. The company carries large items like heaters, pool covers, spa covers, and portable spas as well as small and hard-to-find items like fittings, unions, and screws. The site also features highly interactive tools that allow you to build and customize specialty items, such as above ground swimming pools and spa covers.  The company also offer customers with Pentair Intelliflo DiscountPool Frog System Discount, and PoolVergnuegen Discount, Spa Cover Pro Coupon

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