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Holiday Greetings Promotion Today @ SONOS.COM

Are you ready for the next era of promotion from one of the best multiple home audio system in the whole wide world from Today, has announced the latest promotion directly from its store to help every customer to decide quicker and better for the holiday season. What better way to enjoy the excess of the holidays than with all the music on earth? From now until January 3, 2013, purchase a SONOS PLAY:3 or PLAY:5 and get a FREE BRIDGE for easy wireless setup. It is just that easy by just getting either SONOS Play 3 or SONOS Play 5 and customers can receive free bridge as promotion. This means that customers will be able to save on bridge cost which is about $49 and they might decide to purchase more SONOS system to connect bridge with it.  In addition to the free bridge promotion, customers can also check out the latest Sonos Coupon Code for free shipping to receive extra special from the site.

Many people have asked if they would need bridge every time they want to connect the Play 3 or Play 5 to the router? Of course not, they don’t need bridge to setup the system because they can just use the wi-fi signal in-house to connect the Play 3 or Play 5 direct but for those who would like to extend the signal range, they need bridge to do so. Now, buying either Sonos 3 or 5 will give Bridge as holiday gift from SONOS brand, and that’s why we would recommend to buy 2 of them! Why? Sonos 3 is smaller and it is good for a smaller room such as bedroom that doesn’t need large amplifier, Sonos 5 should be for the hallway, large living room and so the music streamed can be very useful for other people in the house. Now, purchasing 2 of them, customers will be able to receive 2 bridges to use, they can take advantage of the 2 bridges to extend the signal to all over the house.

What Music Should I Start to Stream?

Literally, SONOS owners can stream the music that are available from the whole world because it is the online feature that SONOS keeps them connected to the more than 100,000 online radio station and it is not just the no-name stations but there are popular services that everyone in the world knows about!

  • Pandora – It is the Pandora box of music that everyone can personalize his/her own radio station based on singer and artists. It is the free service that you can just find your favorite artist and Pandora will help to play them all.
  • SONGZA – There are thousands of playlist available in this service which is very much appropriate for those who have different activities during the day and of course, SONGZA is the free service.
  • TUNEIN – Not interested in only the music? Well, TUNEIN is also having sports and news for you too. This online radio station will tune you into the latest news all around the world, concerts, interviews, and other entertainment news for free.
  • iTUNES – Everyone knows itunes service and they all have their itune playlist for each room.
  • Amazon – Import the entire music library to the cloud with Amazon cloud player, queue the music up and order them to play for each room!

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