Sousvide Supreme: Spring Cuisines & Easter Recommendations

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Besides the Saving of $100 off this exclusive limited edition package! This special value bundle includes the newly released Modernist Cuisine at Home book, by Nathan Myhrvold and Maxime Bilet with no Sousvide Supreme promo code required. Sousvide Supreme today is also having its walk through and recommendations on the feature recipes, spring menu, tips and tricks, Easter Eggs, and Passover delight to let everyone enjoy reading and cooking all the times.

SousVide Feature Recipes

Sous Vide Lamb Simple and Simply Divine

Spring brings with it showers, flowers, and the yearning to cast off the heavier fare of winter and enjoy traditional seasonal delicacies, such as tender spring lamb. No cooking method brings out the sweet flavor of lamb quite like the gentle precision of sous vide. Never overcooked. Never dried out. Never anything short of perfect! Chef Josh Horrigan (of The Chef’s Academy in Indianapolis, IN, USA) offers his recipe of this quintessential spring favorite: Togarashi Crusted Rack of Lamb.

Spring Favorite

Mushroom, egg, tomato and asparagus

Chef Michael Solomonov’s Egg-stra Special Eggs – No food signifies the renewal and rebirth of spring quite like the egg. This time of year some of us color them decorate them, and hide them for youngsters to hunt, but all of us can enjoy eating them! The precision of sous vide cooking gives even the novice cook a means to cook the perfect soft cooked egg, with a silky white and a custard yolk! Sure you can turn those into a Classic Eggs Benedict or just put them on toast for a simple meal, but why not flip your taste buds out with something a little unusual. Award-winning Chef Michael Solomonov (Zahav, Philadelphia, PA, USA) gives us a decidedly middle-eastern twist with his Eggs Za’atar!

Sous Vide Tips & Tricks

How to Color Easter Eggs Perfectly

How to Color Easter Eggs Perfectly – Nothing sets the scene for Easter quite like a basket of brightly colored eggs. Unfortunately, the pink stains on your countertop and the bright blue palms last long after Easter Sunday. Forgo the usual mess by using your SousVide Supreme to dye the eggs. All you need are some zip pouches, food coloring, water, and white vinegar (and eggs, of course!). The eggs will cook while they dye, creating hard boiled eggs that are as vibrant as they are tasty.

Passover Delights

Gefilte Fish Better Than Bubby

Gefilte Fish Better Than Bubby’s – Before fleeing Egypt, the Israelites had only a few hours to pack, leaving them with no time to leaven their bread. In modern times, it often feels as if one has only a few hours to prepare the Passover Seder, a feat nearly as difficult as crossing the Sinai desert. We aren’t suggesting it’s easy to spend forty years lost in the desert, but at least dinner was provided. Fortunately, Israeli chef Yair Feinberg has found the modern equivalent of manna and quail: Gefilte Fish Sous Vide. It’s even better than your bubby’s – and certainly better than your local deli’s!

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