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Everyone loves miles and reward points and especially from  Southwest Rapid Rewards Promo Code  that offer special benefits for the members when having huge miles collections in the account. That’s why people search for ways to earn rapid rewards points from Southwest and one of the most popular way is to buy them at Rapid Rewards point purchase has been in the market for a while with promotions and discounts and today we would like to gather the latest promo codes and how to get started with rapid rewards for southwest rapid rewards and so everyone can earn extra miles, bonus miles, and get cheaper price for enrollments. So, no matter you’re using rapid rewards visa card, or the Discover network, and other credit cards, you can also use these cards to purchase Southwest Rapid Rewards by using promotion code to get bonus miles.

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Received 12,500 from DISH
Aug 24, 2013 by Anonymous

Awesome! Earned 12,500 from dish + Southwest Rapid Rewards, Just mention the promotion code while making the call!

got free 750 points
Aug 09, 2013 by Anonymous

free from enrollment no promotion code necessary California Mountain View CA, 94043 USA 4.5 5.0 2 2 Awesome! Earned 12,500 from dish + Southwest Rapid Rewards, Just mention the promotion code while making the call!

As everyone could have known, there are more ways to earn rapid rewards from using  Southwest Rapid Rewards promotional campaign  just like from US Airways Dividend Miles such as using car rental companies like Dollar rent a car, AVIS, Heartz, Budget, or Alamo, flying specific route from Denver and Milwaukee, as well as to shop through and earn up to 800 bonus points on special events such as New Year, Back to School, Black Friday, Christmas, Independent Day, and so many more events. Rapid rewards has also posted its special offer on various brands so that you can earn points altogether with getting cheaper shopping experiences from HP, eBags, Nordstorm, Tigerdirect, 123inkjets, Macy’s, Staples, Apple Store, Lands’end, sears, and other thousands of online store to choose from.

Don’t Have to Fly But Earn Rewards

Credit: Gorilla Travel Tactics

Because Southwest Airlines has been coordinating with so many companies, car rentals, hotels, and so much more creating more opportunity for the rapid rewards member to earn miles without having to actually fly
up in the sky with the airline to earn miles. The secret of the airline businesses that it seems to get lost every year of which at the matter of fact, they don’t, because they have offered the frequent flyers with miles to purchase with options as the new major revenue streams and it has been said that points, reward points, or miles would become the second currency to be used to trade major products in the future. This is the bullet point that we would like to stress out because many sectors have forecasted that miles and airline points or whatever points would be used in the trade instead of using money. That’s why it is also good to know the way to earn miles, points, rapid reward points and so on by many other ways instead of just fly and die getting them.


  • Earn Miles From Credit Cards – Paying for everything with airline credit cards is by far the easiest and potentially most lucrative source of frequent flyer miles without flying. Each and every world traveler and road warrior should have at least one mileage-earning charge or credit card that he uses everywhere the card is accepted. Mileage-earning credit cards almost always offer a superior payback to other affinity credit cards, especially if you use your earned miles for premium-class seats.
  • Just Stay in a Hotels and earn miles – Most upscale hotel chains that cater to business travelers offer frequent flyer miles (typically a maximum of 500 miles per stay) or points toward their own frequent-stay program. When travelers have to choose between accruing points in an airline’s program or a hotel’s program, choosing frequent flyer miles is usually the superior choice. Some hotels offer the customers with the balance ratio of quality, location, and price and we usually focus on these attributes rather than which hotels give better miles. Because when the miles are only 500 for free in typical stay, then, it worth for only $8 dollars in value (for 500 miles).
  • Car Rentals – Another way is to choose the car rental companies that offer higher miles than the rest of it. This is another attribute to go for. Because usually, car rental companies in States and elsewhere have pretty much the same offer on insurance, pricing, returning, discount car rental promotion and it is good to look for rental companies that offer higher miles. The normal car rental companies usually offer 50 miles per day and per car rental. Also, you might want to check with the credit card companies that offer extra miles when used with the car rental and that’s how you double the miles.
  • Long Distance Phone Call – The long-distance phone companies have declined over the past few years, not least because the industry’s prices have been driven down by the use of internet VOIP. A typical sign-on bonus when you switch to a long-distance phone company may be 2,000 miles, with an additional five miles per dollar spent on longdistance calls. But do keep an eye on the special promotion bonus offers— almost always limited to new customers— which will be reported in Inside Flyer magazine or your regular airline frequent flyer newsletters. Such an offer might even arrive in the mail looking like any other piece of junk mail you receive! Resolute world travelers might switch long-distance service as often as two to three times a year to collect a new sign-on bonus. Before switching, however, make sure your new long-distance pricing plan is competitive.
  • Merchandise. Certain retailers— including those that are Webbased— may offer miles for purchases. Be sure you are getting the best price to avoid paying much more for the sake of a few hundred miles. In general, the bonus miles earning opportunity is wide opened.
  • Dining-for-Miles Programs – For upscale dining only. Typically, you will earn ten miles per dollar spent when eating out at participating upscale restaurants. Enroll online at your favorite airline’s Web site (frequent flyer section). Always keep an eye out for the participating restaurant that have co-branded with the airlines such as the restaurant in the airport, the coffee shop (like starbucks), and many more. This could be some advantages to the reward members.
  • Purchasing Frequent Flyer Miles Directly from the airline website. If you want more frequent flyer miles, just buy them from virtually any frequent flyer program’s Web site! Each airline has a maximum annual purchase limit. And take advantage of mileage purchase promotions where the miles are being offered at a fraction of the retail cost, typically around $28 for 1,000 miles—$25 to $30 for 1,000 miles, plus 7.5 percent tax, plus a transaction fee of $1 for every 1,000 miles. For Southwest Airlines maximum points or reward that the customers can purchase per time is 60,000 points (as of 2013) and the minimum per time is 1,000 points, and it cost for only $1,650 or $0.0275 per point which is very cheap.
  • Transfer and Exchange Points – This is not the miles purchasing program, but the customers can just exchange, trade, and get extra points by converting the other reward points to Rapid Rewards very easily.  This new service is only available at which will help the customers to exchange and trade points freely and every points are calculated based on the exchange rate (just like money exchange) from credit card points, from hotel points, and from shopping loyalty program points to airline miles such as Rapid Rewards.

Buy Rapid Reward Points Regularly Buy Rapid Reward Points Regularly
Purchasing frequent flyer miles is the most effective strategy for assuring confirmed upgrades at a fraction of the retail business or first-class fares. For example, if a first-class ticket to Europe costs $8,000 or redemption of 100,000 miles, purchasing the miles at $30 per 1,000 will save over $5,000. That’s a huge-sized savings of 65 percent! The world traveler who wants to fly in luxury regularly can do so by systematically purchasing miles from not just one but many airlines. This strategy works much like a savings plan, ensuring a large payoff for the frequent flyer who consistently purchases the maximum amount of miles allowed to his account. Frequent flyer miles may be purchased at ‘‘retail’’ prices from the airlines as:

  1. ‘‘Personal Miles’’—with a cap on the amount that can be bought each year.
  2. ‘‘Gift Miles’’—for example, your spouse can buy miles to give to you, and you can reciprocate.
  3. ‘‘Top-Off Miles’’—select airlines offer the ability to deposit miles into your frequent flyer account that is a few thousand miles deficient for redeeming a specific reward.