Spartan Race CITI Field Promotion Code

NYC Tri-State Race Discount

Event: Spartan Sprint
Cost: $100 – $130
Promotion Code: up to 20% OFF

It has been about 2 months that we have passed 2012 and many people are getting bored at work again after the New Year celebration that ran through them as quick as acid. The daily routine work has been really exhausted and every day right after work, they either go for fitness center, jogging, cycling, and more which is exactly in the same place and the only thing different is seeing new people. Why not getting away from these boring routine exercise and work out and find the way to boost your adrenaline for a day while you can enjoy setting your goal and target to accomplish one day with your strong mind and body in the place that is not very far from your home town? Spartan Race today has announced the new unforgettable race at the reachable area in Tri-State New York at Citi Field. The location for this race is nice as it is the location away from the city and so people can join this race very easy with available car park which is very convenience for them all. If you would want to change your life forever or the worst is for one day to a better way, then, this Spartan race is a great investment for you all. At this time, The Tri-State NY Citi Field race is for Spartan Sprint Race which is the very first level for a person to step up as super Spartan and Spartan beast as they like, and for registrations, we would like to introduce the way to receive discount a bit more.

Spartan Race CITI Field in New York comes with a discount tier that every racers can get from the list price by using Spartan Race Promotion Code or Spartan Race Discount Code that use to activate discount in the cart before checkout. For registrations, racers can start to register since February 13th, 2013, March 13th, March 27th, and April 10th which is the last registration date of which the pricing is different from tier to tier. The early racer who had registered on February would usually considered as early bird that receive the lowest registration price. However, if you have just known about this and you’re afraid of paying higher price, then, we have the saving option by using promotion code. The promotion code for Spartan Race CITI Field will help the racers to take about $10 to $15 off from the registration price regardless of the registration date.

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About Citi Field Stadium

Rather than the sub urban area, at this time, Spartan Race has picked a new location for all racers to enjoy the race while they feel really safe in the big stadium in Tri-State. It is the very first stadium-race for Spartan Race during 2013 of which many leading baseball teams use for their game. The great point of the event in the stadium is that, the audience and racers can feel the complete sound system and the screen to monitor the race on the 3 miles run with obstacles. However, some might say that it is a lack of feeling since Spartan Race used to be arranged outside of the city and not the stadium. No matter what it is we have listed below the available date and time for Tri-State race that are still good for more applicants.

7:00 A.M. Saturday

  • Friends & Family (password required) $110.00

Elite + $30 (8:00 A.M.)

  • Individual & Team $140.00
  • Military & Student (Individual & Team) $130.00

Confirmed Start Times (8:30 A.M. and 8:45 A.M.)

  • Individual & Team (Sold out) $135.00
  • Military & Student (Individual & Team) (Sold out) $125.00

Morning Start Times (9:00 A.M. – 12:00 P.M.)

  • Individual & Team (Sold out) $110.00
  • Military & Student (Individual & Team) (Sold out) $100.00

Afternoon Start Times (12:15 P.M. – 3:00 P.M.)

  • Individual & Team (Sold out) $110.00
  • Military & Student (Individual & Team) (Sold out) $100.00

Late Afternoon Start Times (3:15 P.M. – 5:30 P.M.)

  • Individual & Team $110.00
  • Military & Student (Individual & Team) $100.00

Spectator Registration – You Must RSVP

  • Saturday Spectator $0.00
  • Jr. Spartan Kids Race

Saturday Jr. Spartans $25.00

  • Volunteer Registration
  • Volunteer (password required) $0.00

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