Special Vmware vSphere Promotion 30% OFF

Get Extra Discount and VMware Go Pro!

Software: Vmware vSphere
Website: Vmware.com
Price: $1063 – $1,692.15
Promo Code: None
Previous Offer: VMware Workstation 9, VMware Fusion 5

It’s been a long time since we last saw the previous promotion from VMware.com especially with vSphere products. However, today, VMware has announced that it is currently offering two special promotions on Vmware vSphere products – the industry’s leading virtualization platform. There are 2 main promotions currently running at this hour:

  • Get 30% off the list price when you upgrade to VMware vSphere Standard with Operations Management.
  • FREE VMware Go Pro with every purchase of vSphere Essentials or vSphere Essentials Plus Kit


We have to remind every customers again that during the past years that we have been offering them with promotions, it was only 1-2 times that we see the promotion coming from Vmware.com on vSphere on different versions. According to our record, VMware would usually release a few times discount promotion for one product life time and this means that they should take advantage of this deal today before it is expired. In addition to this, attention coupon seekers, VMware did not release any VMware Promo Code together with this release of new promotion, but customers can just follow the link and get extra discount instantly.

The saving of 30% off the list price on vSphere Standard will work with only upgrade on vSphere with standard operation management only in order to keep your databases, websites, and businesses running with No downtime. The vSphere standard with operation management has been upgraded to offer customers with better quality and improved operation managements with extra protection which will be resulted in the increasing of IT infrastructure that the company has invested in. vSphere is one of the best software solution at this moment that can be said that it is only for those companies who want to have better and the best IT management environment.

Another promotion is to for the customers to get free VMware Go Pro when the customers purchase another vSphere version, the Essential and Essentials Plus kits. The VMware vSphere Essentials kit for this package is especially for 3 host with maximum of 2 processors per one host allowing more control and push the management up to the limit. If the company is looking for the investment on the vSphere software system, then, VMware vSphere Essentials is their best shot to get the most out of their vSphere investment that we can say it worth every single penny spent. It takes very low effort provision virtual machines with Go Pro’s wizards, running with automated software patching and manage the company’s physical and virtual infrastructure with one single cloud based console that will help to reduce loads of work for the IT data center.

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