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Trusted tours has announced the new coupon code for customers to use to get discount visiting one of the most exciting attractions St. Augustine Alligator Farm. Trusted tours coupon code can be used to get discount purchasing passes and tickets to visit this alligator farm zoological park. The coupon code from trusted tours is working as the redeemable coupon that is to be used when book or reserve the pass by entering this coupon code at checkout and get instant discount. The customers will get 5% off right away from purchasing the ticket and pass for this farm with no questions ask. The price of the ticket at St.Augustine Alligator Farm is considered as already cheap. The pass starting at $20.95 for adult and $10.25 for child ( age 3-11 ). But with the use of trusted tours coupon, customers can save even more on these tickets.



About St. Augustine Alligator Farm

St. Augustine Alligator farm zoological park history was being setup during the year 1893 and it’s one of the oldest zoological sightseeing tourist spots. Until today, this alligator farm has welcomed over a million people to its park. The customers and visitors to this alligator park will be able to experience alligator feeding by the well-trained officers who will feed the alligator, the visitors will hear the strong jaw snapping sound as they bite the food. Realm of the alligator, this is the show where customers will experience florida’s most interesting and dangerous animals as an edutaining experience. Not only the alligators that customers will experience, see, hear, smell, and feel, they will also have chance to learn on the other animals such as snakes and reptiles. There are more activities to do and things to see in the St. Augustine Alligator farm below:

Maximo – Maximo is the largest animal at the park at 15 feet 3 inches long and 1250 pounds. He is a Saltwater Crocodile or “Saltie” as they call them in Australia. Don’t miss a close-up look at Maximo from the underwater viewing windows.

Albino Alligators – Rare and mystical creatures from the bayous of Louisiana, albino alligators have inspired the legend that those who gaze upon their beauty will receive good fortune.

Land of Crocodiles – Here you can see Alligators, Crocodiles, Caiman, and Gharial from the lands of the Americas, Africa, and Asia.

Gomek Forever – Gomek was one of the largest crocodilians ever on display and was almost 18 feet long and nearly 2,000 pounds. Gomek is now preserved and part of a rare and beautiful collection of hand carved art from Papua New Guinea.

Wading bird rookery – Explore the native swamp exhibit where hundreds of wading birds fly in to roost in the late afternoons. Herons, egrets, ibis, spoonbills, and wood storks can be seen in their natural environment. These birds seek out evening roosts above the alligators safe in the knowledge that alligators will keep tree-climbing predators away. From April through July the birds are in full breeding plumage and build nests and raise families right in front of visitors.

Exotic Birds and Mammals – Australian kookaburras and emus, South American toucans and parrots, Asian pheasants, and African turacos are just a few of the exotic birds on display at the Alligator Farm. The mammal collection also includes seven different species of endangered monkeys ranging in size from the world’s smallest monkey, the mouse-sized pygmy marmoset, to the large South American spider monkey that swings across the branches of its exhibit.

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