St.Patrick’s Day Promotion at Premium E Cig

The Patty’s Package is Here

premium electronic cigarettes st patty day promotion

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! If ever there was a chance to see some GREEN, this is the month! Today, customers can boost their saving with Electronic Cigarettes on the premium brand on the St. Patrick’s Starter Kit Bundle Special. Revel in the Merrymaking of Celtic heritage with this fun kit for two at Premium Electronic Cigarette. This offer ends March 18th.

Premium E-Cigarette continues to be a leading E-Cigarette retailer. With free shipping and a 30-day money back guarantee, Premium Electronic Cigarette has the best deals on starter kits, replacement cartridges and much more! Why not check out THIS ST. PATRICK’S DAY PROMO at Premium Electronic Cigarettes today: ( RUNS: NOW UNTIL MARCH 18th)St. Patrick’s Starter Kit Bundle Special – Revel in the Merrymaking of Celtic heritage with this fun kit for two. Get two St. Patrick’s Day Pocket Kits for $69.95 at Besides, customers will be able to get free shipping in the United States as the side promotion as well. For customers from other countries, they need to handle the shipping and handling fees as usual just like the promotion that we found in

Because there are so many people who are afraid and do not want to try electronic cigarettes and the majority of the reason is that they are afraid of the bad side effects. At the matter of fact, they should think on the other way around and they should be afraid of prolonging the smoke of the tobacco cigarettes since it contains more hazardous materials, burnt papers, and chemical that can cause cancer without knowingly. The Electronic Cigarettes is the new gadget of everyone, it is proven safer than smoking the real tobacco cigarettes since the only thing works is that it vaporize the nicotine in the form of mild stream instead of carbon dioxide into the body. The main point of the E-cigarettes is to help a person to quit smoking faster and not to be addicted to the nicotine.

Deciding to continue to smoke on the tobacco brands is not an option for those who want to quit smoking. The electronic cigarette is the safest way to handle the nicotine withdrawal because a person is still having his/her own way to smoke the vapor into the lung deliver the nicotine in the appropriate amount to get satisfied.


The promotional price on the St. Patty day at this time is great because the pocket kits of which can be customized starting from battery color, design, case, cartridge flavor, and the nicotine level. The normal price has been very high and it is about $160 but right now the price has been reduced more than half or about 60% off from the list price. However, one thing that everyone should note that is this promotions should have been announced since the starting of march and it might be too late right now for those aren’t aware of this promotion.

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