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If you’re shopping at for printer supplies especially inks and you’re looking for discount printer supplies that you won’t find the price like that anywhere in the online store. But if you’re looking for Suppliesoutlet coupon code to be used at, then, you need to know that is having so many of them here! Suppliesoutlet coupon codes are the codes that people look for the most whenever they’re making their decision to purchase laser toners, printer ink and toner with cartridges at because they know that using promotional code, coupon codes, and discount codes at this website will help them to save more than they should have on the order. At the matter of fact, coupon codes for can be used to get discount for Printer cartridges, toner, hp printer supplies, dell, okidata, toner, printer supplies as ones of the most popular products in In order to use these coupon codes for, customers need to choose the printer ink, toner, or laser toner type and choose the Printer model before proceeding to shopping cart to use code like illustrated below.

using coupon code at suppliesoutlet

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There are different types of coupon codes at suppliesoutlet, but all of them are for discount on any order which ranges from 5% up to 10% discount. There are so such things as free shipping coupon code because the company is already offering same day shipping within 2 day and free fedex ground shipping. The coupon codes for can be used to get discount for all types of ink on different brands such as brother, canon, dell, Epson, HP, Lexmark, Konica Minolta, Okidata, Samsung (toners), Xerox, and even with the refill inks. However, we’re not quite certain if the coupon codes will be able to work with laptop batteries and laptop chargers that are also available in

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About is an online retailer selling 100% new compatible printer cartridges. The company has been working really hard to provide the highest value to the customers by choosing with mix and match only the highest quality tested products with lowest possible pricing and the best service in the industry of ink and cartridges.

Blue Book Principles in Choosing Printers

Buying printer supplies from the physical outlet or online outlet store such as inks, toners, and refill are totally depended on the types of printers that we have purchased. That’s why it is very critical for a person to choose printer wisely starting from the beginning. The choosing of printer isn’t different from choosing other computer and computer accessories but the users need to know the pricing, the specifications, and the most important thing is the type, brand, and the ability of the printer such as how much picoliter for the printer to use the ink, will the printer purchased be worthwhile buying and worth for the money spent. Firstly, we should know the types of printer that are available in today’s store.

  1. Dotmatrix Printer
  2. Inkjet Printer
  3. Laser Printer
  4. Multifunction Printer or all in one printer
  5. Plotter printer

Nowadays, when the wireless technology has conquered the world and so as the printer, usually, printers must be connected to the computer by using the Pin port or USB port, but as of today, the printer can be connected to the computer using wireless technology, Bluetooth, and so on. It has never been easier to use printer comparing from the past

Dot Matrix Printer

dot matrix printer ink cartridge

Dot Matrix Printer and Ink

The principle of dot matrix is to create dot on the paper directly. The printing head of dot matrix is the pin type. Whenever order the printer to print, the pin will be stumped on the paper creating the black spot on the paper. However, before stamping the pin on, the pin will be stamped pass through the ink cartridge to get the color along with. The more the number of pins, the clearer the message will be. Dot Matrix printer is perfect for carbon copy printing and it is still being used in many businesses that requires invoice printing, purchase order printing, and so on.

Ink-Jet Printer
The inkjet printer can print out more types of alphabets, different in sizes, along the way to the graphic and image printing which result in the shaper output than the dot matrix type. The technology has been developed to the printing head to spray the ink directly to the paper. The ink drip is very tiny and positioned in each of the location to combine as the alphabet or image. The benefit of using inkjet is low noise, faster than dot matrix measured by PPM or page per minute. However, this type of printer can’t be used with the carbon copy papers

how inkjet printer works

how inkjet printer works

Laser Printer
This technology in printing carryout the use of static electricity just like the rest of the copy machine by the light beam, the laser will be pointed to the spinning glass which will reflect the light to the rolling ball which will adjust the image and text signal received from the computer and wipe along the length of the rolling ball very quickly. When this reaction occurs, the substances on the rolling ball will react with the laser and turn to static light making the ink that stick to the static area melt and become the printed image or text on the paper. Laser printing is very popular in the present day because of the printing speed, the image sharpen quality, lower noise, and thus create perfect printing job.

how laser printer works

More Sophisticated Laser Printing Works

example of all in one printer from HP

All in one printer helps millions of businesses

All In One Printer
It is the multifunction printer that everyone loves, the latest type of printer with hybrid function that can print out the paper, scan, fax, and make photocopy. Normally, this type of printer is very popular among the office and companies as it is the lowest cost printer that can fulfill every types of need. Usually, there are 2 types of all in one printers. The first one is the inkjet all in one printer for lighter usage job during the day suitable for small office that has only 2-3 people working because the speed is not very fast and the ink will be run out very quickly. Another type is the laser all in one printer which works just like the copier machine and the function is the same except the speed and the printing quality is up to the laser printer type.

Plotter is the printing machine that use pen in writing the information that is also being specifically designed for the specific job such as the mechanical job, the architectural job, interior, decorations, and so on. Plotter works by moving the paper and the users can use 6-8 colors which move fast measured by inches per second.

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