The Body Shop Groupon Deal in Chicago Today

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Mid-Week With Body Shop

If you could recall, we have just had announced the Midweek and Midmonth deal days ago from However, we believe that from all of the deals available in for this Midweek would be as much interesting as this one. The Body Shop deal is now back in the game and we would like to update with all of you that the deal in groupon is launched today. Since groupon is featuring the body shop again and it is not so many times since from the past. Now, let’s get started with some explanation on the deals and so you can hurry and go to purchase the body shop at because just a few hours that the deal was on, right now, there are more than 900 deals that have been sold at the moment.

the body shop deal at groupon July 2013

How Body Shop Deal Works?

The Body Shop deal has opened its price in Chicago with the price of $10! It is a very easy decision to buy. With $10 per deal, customers will be able to use the coupon in any Body Shop store in Chicago for $20 on any item. However, the deal limits the purchase at 3 coupon per person which means the highest discount a person can get is $10. The deal is tagged with 50% off and so any items purchase at the body shop store, customers can get $30 discount. There are over 40 body shop stores in Chicago and each of them are all over across the states, the deal can be purchased as gift but as mentioned, limited for 3 per person. There are only 8 days left to purchase but by that time, we believe that there could be about 5,000 coupon purchased and so why not becoming one of them?

About The Body Shop

In each store, the body shop offers customers with wide selection of products starting from bath and body, skin care, make up, hair products, fragrance, and home products that go along way with each season. The summer season like this, The body shop has used the peach scented theme as the butter up with the top pick of the season which is back for limited edition vineyard peach. If you’re the online customers that will only purchase the body shop through online at, then, you can take advantage of the buy 2 get 1 free or buy 1 get 1 at 50% discount. Also, there’s another promotion called “Wake up with the big one” with jumbo shower gels with $5 discount on the regular price of $15.

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