The Great Escape Promo Code

Six Flags The Great Escape Promo Code

Six Flags Theme Park is having another park in New York with the name of Six Flags The Great Escape and Splash Water Kingdom in Lake George area. The Great Escape and Splash Water Kingdom is actually a one park that has its 2 names as one. The park was not being originally owned by Six Flags brand. It was firstly belong to Premier Parks brand that was changed its name to Six Flags in the year 1996. Six Flags The Great Escape & Splash Water Kingdom park size is quite large, it takes about 150 acres of land with numbers of Six Flags Feature ride that draw attention from the thrill seekers. There are millions of visitors to this six flags amusement park chain every year and in order to keep everything standard under the six flags amusement park brand, six flags decided to release Six Flags Promo Code to use at for the park to be comparable to the other park nearby such as Six Flags Hurricane Harbor NJ, and Six Flags Wild Safari even though each of the park is focusing on giving different feeling from one another. Six Flags has then launched Six Flags Great Adventure promo code and Six Flags Splashwater Kingdom promo code that will help the visitors to the park to save more online using promo code to get discount. The promo code for The Great Escape, and Splashwater kingdom Lake George, NY can help the customers to save on Six Flags Single Ticket, Season Pass, Flash pass, as well as the The Great Escape GOFAST pass that is very easy to use by entering the promo code before selecting the park name and proceed along the steps below in order to get discount. Some of the promo code for will be for discount food package, and free parking fees, and this depends on the promo code of what it’s going to offer to the visitors. By using The Great Escape and Splashwater Kingdom, the visitors do not have to wait in the line in front of the gate by purchasing the print-n-go version of the six flags e-ticket and then they can save more than purchasing the printed ticket in fron of the park as well.

Six Flags The Great Escape & Splashwater Kingdom promo codes are available from time to time, these promo codes are available to be used to redeem the discount and other special online only through Unlike Six Flags Printable Coupon, the printable version will have to be redeemed at the park where visitors can get them from the brochures, and newsletter from In order to use The Great Escape promo code & Splashwater Kingdom Promo Code, the visitors will have to enter the promo code in the right box and then proceed to purchase the ticket just like the example below



Instructions to use Six Flags The Great Escape and Splash Water Kingdom

These are the steps to use six flags promo code at Six Flags The Great Escape and Splash Water Kingdom

Step 1 : Reveal Six Flags promo code

You’ll be redirected to page as well as seeing the promo code for sixflags

Step 2 : Enter Promo Code

In this step, there’s no need to select the park just yet, wait for the next step to select the park near you or the park where you’re going to go to.

Step 3 : Select the park near you.

On this page, you can use the drop down box so that you can see all parks available for purchasing pass online. Try to look carefully as the letter name is sometimes look very tidy and you may mistakenly select the wrong park.

Step 4 : Select Six Flags Product

On this page, you’ll find many Six Flags products, such as season pass, tickets, flash pass, family pass, daily tickets and much more. Do not be overwhelmed by these options, just go for the one that you want the most.

Step 5 : Select Six Flags Promotion

Once the product is being chosen from you, follow a few steps in the purchase procedure and arrive at the promotion page of six flags. On this page, you’ll find what the promo code would give you. For example, one-day admission theme park + safari, Cold Stone one-day general use admission for $34.99.

Step 6 : Review your shopping cart

You need to review your shopping card and double check it as you might never know if you’ve missed something or getting of what you don’t need in extra and will end up paying more.

After saving on buying six flags admission from the help of promo code, visitors can no enjoy all the rides and other activities in Six Flags The Great Escape and Splashwater Kingdom. There are about 6 area where all the rides and activities in within this park. Out of those 6 areas there are 48 rides located around which can be classified the ride into 10 max thrill ride, 16 moderate thrill ride, and 22 mild thrill for kids.

Fest Area

Alpine Bobsled–This ride is the max thrill ride coaster like but no rail. It’s the kind of train that going down hill without anything to hold on to. The riders will feel that they’re riding the boat in the water funnel with no water

Olympiad Grand Prix Go-Carts–Just like other Six Flags park with Go-Kart, but here the riders will experience a special fast go-kart.

SkyCoaster–It’s the skydiving machine that will rock the riders mind. With additional fees require.

The Comet–Comet is another name for the Jet Plane. With the classic look of this coaster, it looks not so exciting, but to ride on it, it’s a freaking machine.

Alice in Wonderland–Inspired by the movie and game, become a giant walking in the city that everything is small.

Convoy–it’s a group of convoy for kids to ride on.

Sky Ride–This is a kid version of coaster that will lift them up in the air and swing.

Blizzard–It’s the scrambler ride that will swing the rider forward and backward.

Bumper Cars–It’s the bumper cars that will give moderate thrill ride riding and smashing with each other.

Cannonball Express–It’s the ride that will take the riders around with moderate speed.

Flying Trapeze–It’s the swingset like but it’s in the high ground.

Giant Wheel–Riders can ride on this tall 9 stories ferris wheel to see Six Flags The Great Escape & Splashwater Kingdom on this ride.

Matterhorn Rockwall–It’s the artifical cliff climber wall of the enthusiast climbers.

Pirate Ship–This ride will swing the riders back and forth. With the pirate ship swing power, riders will get moderate thrill.

Raging River–Just like other Six Flags park, this type of grand canyon raft is a must have in every park.

Ghost Town

Canyon Blaster–The story runs, the riders as the gold miner that will put the riders on the coaster.

Steamin’ Demon–The maximum thrill coaster is here. The riders will be climbed up on the 14 stories tall and drop with 45 mph per hour.

Condor–It’s the 4 arms beast with 7 coasters at each hand and will spin the riders around


Desperado Plunge–Get plunged on the boat that fall down from water funnel.

Krazy Kars–Kids will be riding on this car around the KIDZOPOLIS.

Krazy Kups–This is just like other six flags park where kids can sit in the softly spinning cups

Zoomjets–Go up and down with the airplane for kids.

Splashwater Kingdom

Mega Wedgie–The riders will be fallen into a 100 feet tunnel and will be swirling in the mega wedgie bowl. This ride is being sponsored by Trident

Tornado–Just like in Six Flags Great America, Six Flags America, and White Water Park.  This water ride gives maximum spinning speed sitting on the raft swirling in the maze.

Noah’s Sprayground–It’s the type of water park feature by the Noah ship. Riders will see the ship loaded with all kind of wild life.

Banshee Plunge–It’s a tube slide water park that kids can join

Black Cobra–This ride looks very fiest by its black and dark color the riders will be sliding through the darkness

Blue Typhoon–It’s the blue water tube slide which gives moderate thrill

Capt’n Hook’s Adventure River–Water park like, that allow adult and older children to play around with.

Paul Bunyan’s Bucket Brigade–A nice water park which has the water slide from the 5 stories high tree house.

Twister Falls–The tube is twisted round and round and the rider must jump in there.


Boomerang Coaster to Coaster–The creepiest ride in Six Flags The Great adventure and Splashwater Kingdom. This roller coaster has sharp turns and curve and the train will travel as fast as 45 mile per hour from over 12 stories high.

Sasquatch–It’s a 200 feet vertical drop ride that will freak rider’s mind.

Balloon Race–It’s the twirling balloon that rider can see the park from where they are in.

Grand Carousel–A nice carousel that kids and adult can play with.

Little Houses–The house that tells story to the children. This playground is being inspired by nusery rhymes.

Storytown train–Go round and round the park with this train ride. Suitable for children with adult acompany

Swan Boats–Nothing interested in this swan boat-like.

Thunder Alley–Back to the 50’s with the mini size ride. Adults will love this.


Bucky’s Shore Patrol–This ride is for kids

Frankie’s Mine Train–It’s the train similar to roller coaster but the speed is much slower.

Honey Swings–A mild swingset ride that kids will enjoy themselves lifting from the ground and spin about.

Hootie’s Treehouse–The rider will be lifted up with a short dips.

Ranger Randy’s Railway–It’s the train ride for kids that go around Timbertown area.

Rocky’s Ranger Planes–Kids can ride on this plane that go round the circle.

Sheldon’s Speedway–It’s not litterally a speed way but a slow motion car ride that kids can join.

Spruce’s Wilderness Bus Tours–Ride on the bus and be lifted up to see the scenarie of Timbertown

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