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We have presented many coupon codes and promo codes for customers in United States during the past years and most of them are the Promo Code for Sprint, Verizon Wireless Promo Code, Virgin Mobile USA promo code, Boost mobile promo code, and even the coupon code for Now, today, we have chosen another Phone Carrier in order to help the readers to find their promotion and discount offer quicker and easier and at this time we would like to present Tracfone Promo Code or we call it long as Tracfone promotional code. There have been 2 major types of Tracfone promo code that we have tracked on the record. The first one is the code of which once the customers purchase the prepaid card, it will double or triple the minute right away. This means that customers can spend for 60 minutes and get another 60 for free. Another code type is the free overnight shipping promo code. This might seems to be not a cool promo code at all but when someone really want to use the phone and they want it fast, then the free overnight shipping could be an awesome promotion. In addition to these codes, customers can most of the time receive the promo code to get free minute by just purchasing any phone. However, there have been no report of the Free activation promo code of any kind, but if there’s any, we would have them posted here on this page. Tracfone offers customers with coupon and promotional code because the company wants the customers to save their budget on making calls and they understand that people have become more budget awareness each day. Tracfone would like to help all of them to spend less on the credit and phone itself but to get extra benefits from using service and that’s the whole point in offering coupon codes.

If we are going to talk about the using of cell phone and smartphone in United States and we can say that Americans are the luckiest group of person to have so many carrier to choose from and each carriers are fighting really hard among each other to win the customer’s heart by offering the best service they could to earn customer’s like. We’re talking about big mobile phone carrier like Sprint, Verizon Wireless, AT&T, Virgin Mobile, and T-mobile, that are covering the market of all time without opening opportunity for other players to have their major piece to bite. From the research, these giant telecommunication companies start off by offering branded Smartphone and attractive monthly plan as well as pre-paid plan to attract customers and this has been working really great in consumer’s point of view. However, if we are to step back for a little while and look around, we could find extra stores that we might never ever have spent time to look at their promotion before and these carrier or providers might have huge benefits to the phone subscribers and that we might never know of.



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Because the major wireless telecommunication companies have taken all the spaces for majority of people and left some of them out with needs that they have never been satisfied. Not all of the customers in the market would have the same need and the needs are such as, some customer group might never like the mobile plans that everyone say special, not all of the customers would prefer iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S, and other well-known or popular smartphone, not all of the customers would totally agree to sign the contracts for years, and there might be some customers who want to try different phone brands and so be distinctive and unique from their co-workers or their friends. Furthermore, many customers have always been dislike the way the current phone service provider, carriers, are charging them monthly and even with the pre-paid system and thus they might need other attractive promotions from the provider. That’s why today, we would like to introduce everyone with who’s one of the best mobile phone service provider, the wireless telecommunication solution provider company that provide another way as another choice for every customers to shop and save from online channel and they can get to use different Smartphone other than what’s popular in the market with a much lower price and so they don’t have to spend much on the phone price while it goes down when the phone is getting old or there’re new phone models coming in. It can be said that gives customers with more than what they can get and this is not just the analogy because there are many interesting promotions coming directly from of which offer customers with 3 times more minute on what they would usually be getting. Tracfone brand might be the only brand that really helps the customers to save and to get a peace of mind because once they purchase the pre-paid credit or the phone, and it stays activated for 1 year such as 1 year card.


Tracfone is the wireless communication company that has quite a long history in the consumer market with various brands under such as Net 10 wireless, straight talk, and safelink wireless telecommunication company. In conclusion, Tracfone wireless offer customers with benefits based on the following:

  • #1 prepaid cell phone provider in the U.S. with over 19 million subscribers
  • Financial freedom means having the ability to control how much you spend and when you spend it. TracFone prides itself on providing this benefit to all of its customers.
  • The best coverage of any cell phone provider. Our signals are carried on towers of over 30 major carriers around the U.S.
  • Providing high quality phones at the lowest prices. TracFone has global relationships with top cell phone providers such as Motorola, LG, Kyocera, and Nokia Starting as low as $ 9.99.

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