Travel Ideas and Advantages to Begin 2013

Travel Inspirations from CNN

If you have been following up CNN news for sometimes, you can find out that 50%-70% of the article in the travel section is all about recommending the travel places and ideas and most of them are for European travel, and Caribbean Sea travel. However, recently we have seen a travel article in CNN which is very interesting and it talks about the 12 hotels for stargazing of which might make the person who stays in these 12 hotels do not wish to sleep since the view and the scenery could be so attractive that they can’t just lay their heads over the pillow of which seems to us that the most lovely place and probably be the coldest place to go is Iceland, Hotel Ranga featuring with the milky way and the neon ribbon of northern lights. Back to the real world and stop dreaming about it, the question is will you be able to have that much budget and free time to go through all these places? Of course 10% of the readers who have higher family income will say yes, but 90% would say no. It could be great to see if there’s any interesting travel package and ideas to begin to choose and it might be just exactly that we wanted for less? That’s why we want to recommend a list of travel deal to get everyone to start their life easier with 2013 as some Vacation Getaway Deals since in the beginning of the year and so they can plan ahead of what they want to go about.

jumping deal cheapcaribbean – It is exactly the website of everyone’s dream because the company offers huge extensive range of Caribbean travel. Many people believe that staycation in the Caribbean countries with luxurious beaches and hotels might cost them a few thousands. At the matter of fact, the price is much lesser than that. A person can search CNN travel news section and found most of the article, beautiful view images coming from Caribbean Sea such as “Costa Rica” the one above Panama and a few hundred miles away from the Caribbean Sea in the Central America. The beautiful view like that could cost only less than $700 per person and if you have a family of 4, you can just handle the payment for less than $3000 a trip since it is all inclusive travel with flight and stay plus meal. Besides, the vacation that people are looking for the most such as Bahamas Island, Paradise Island, Dominican, and more in Caribbean Sea. Cancun, Riviera Maya, and more in Mexico with thousands of destinations are always on sales.

atlantis january 2013 deal

Atlantis Paradise Island – Atlantis Paradise Island aims at the one in Bahamas Island which is considered the paradise for everyone. Tourists always think that the Atlantis Resort is very luxurious, expensive, and unaffordable. However, those who have said that are surely have not checked the price just yet. Everyone needs to check the pricing only at and choose Bahamas Island to proceed with the price checking. There has not been any single day that we don’t see Atlantis Paradise Island reduces its price lesser than 40%. There are various sections to check for an enjoyable stay at Atlantis such as beach tower, Coral Towers, The Cove, The Reef, and Harborside resort. All of them has the highest price starting at a little over $500 only which is even cheaper than some hotels in New York City.

sandals beach resort deal january 2013

Sandal Resorts – The website to look for is and it is not only for British or European People, but the site is actually for tourists around the world that might be interested in the luxurious and easy going resort just like wearing Sandal. The price is not so bad too because it comes with almost the same price as Atlantis Island with saving over 40% on selected locations such as Sandals Emerald Bay Bahamas, Sandals Royal Bahamian Nassau Bahamas, Sandals Whitehouse and Royal Plantation in Jamaica plus many others. Each resorts advertised in the website comes with special offer and so affordable for everyone. However, after checking the price, it could be a little more expensive comparing to Atlantis Paradise Island, and the special deals in, but the stay looks more luxurious than the rest of them.

apple vacations promotion winter event

Apple Vacations – No, you won’t be staying in the apple farm where the farmer plants them in front of your vacationing house. Apple Vacations is the company that works just like that is the deal gathering site. Every time visiting, customers will see deals very frequently such as 3 nights all inclusive less than $700 per person. During the high travel season, is the most visited website comparing to all of the Caribbean deal company because of the long lasting reputation and one of the lowest price website anyone could find.

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