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After IRS had announced the delayed tax filing during the first week of January 2013, many people got relax and have their extra time to file their tax on time. However, there is another group of people who had prepared everything and they believe that postponing the tax filing date later than January 2012 will be too late. U.S. citizens have now used both tax filing service such as eSmart Tax and software such as Turbo Tax would have to be patient because these people are ready to hand in the tax paper. However, today, IRS has made announcement again that it won’t accept electronic field returns until January 30, 2013 and people got more confused about this.

Turbo tax today, has come out and mention that “While IRS is not accepting electronically filed returns until January 30, 2013, not to worry, TurboTax has it covered. TurboTax is accepting e-file returns now and will file them with the IRS when the IRS e-file opens”. This means that, Turbo Tax customers can now get the relief on the e-File submission that many people have already filed in and waiting for submission. Turbo tax will receive those e-file first and then submit it to the IRS on the specific date which is on time. Turbo tax is the very first company to announce this and thus we believe that having e-File filed with Turbo Tax software is the safest at this moment.

News Source: TurboTax.com

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