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Today, you don’t have to take flights to earn miles; US Airways has opened the opportunity for everyone to buy US air dividend miles with various options to choose with attractive promotions plus bonus to help everyone to save. It seems to us that one of the most interesting promotion from US Airways Dividend Miles section is the  US Airways Dividend Miles promo code, discount code, or any bonus codes  which will help to firstly activate discount for people trying to buy miles from the US Airways Dividend section or to increase the miles up to 100% (double), or to get something extra and special from the promotional campaign from US Airways and so the flyers, passengers, and US Airways customers can now buy more miles, give miles as gifts, or even share miles easier and cheaper with the bonus miles up to 50,000 points or double points which pretty much higher than in the past. Usually, the promo code from US Airways Dividend Miles have been to increase more miles to upgrade status from Silver, Gold, Platinum, and up to Chairman’s

us airways dividend miles promo code


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Code: TF11 – Did not work
Jul 11, 2014 by Anonymous
Did The Coupon Work For You?: NO 

The code simply did not work. It was put in at the bottom of the page. No error was returned - its like it was just bypassed.

No place to put the code
Mar 14, 2014 by Anonymous
Did The Coupon Work For You?: NO 

I just tried to use the code and there was no place to put the code on the website.

Saved on free Bonus
Aug 09, 2013 by Anonymous

I'm a Silver member, used free bonus promotions and received 75% more miles

Got 8500 miles bonus
Aug 09, 2013 by Anonymous
Did The Coupon Work For You?: Worked 

Worked for me, gift 17,000 to another account California Mountain View CA, 94043 USA 2.8 5.0 4 4 The code simply did not work. It was put in at the bottom of the page. No error was returned - its like it was just bypassed.

Buy miles and give up to 100% bonus miles with up to 50,000 miles and that’s double the miles.   By buying 10,000 up to 19,000 miles, customers get 50% more in bonus miles such as buying 10,000 miles, get another 5,000 miles for free. Buy 20,000 up to 29,000 miles, get 75% more miles or buy 30,000 – 50,000 miles and get 100% more .  Purchasing Dividend Flyer Miles, If you want more frequent flyer miles (and who doesn’t?), buy them from virtually any frequent flyer program’s Web site! Each airline has a maximum annual purchase limit. And take advantage of mileage purchase promotions where the miles are being offered at a fraction of the retail cost, typically around $28 for 1,000 miles—$25 to $30 for 1,000 miles, plus 7.5 percent tax, plus a transaction fee of $1 for every 1,000 miles.

Not All Miles Are Offered Equally

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Lots of people and frequent flyers, they do incredible things to earn more miles when fly from one place to another and they do that for one or two reasons which is firstly to get cheaper or free airline tickets and secondly, to use those miles or points to buy cheaper products and services. When it comes to miles or dividend miles from the US airways letting flyers to earn double points comparing with other airlines as well as the frequent flyer miles collecting, the number of flyer miles you can actually earn is equal to the actual distance you fly on any airlines. However, you need to watch out and be careful that some airlines, they offer lower miles or points than the actual miles and a good example of this is the British Airways, years ago, the airline could only offer 25% mile points on the actual miles flown when you purchase the discounted tickets or nonrefundable tickets. Delta Airways can offer only 50% points based on the actual miles flown on the discount tickets (which makes so much sense when you buy something at discount of which the company needs to reduce the cost by reducing mile points). We can see that earning miles are actually not confusing when we know the airline logic, however, it is good to know what are different kinds of miles a person can earn whenever flying (provided that a person is the holder of airline miles collecting card or credit cards)

Ways to earn miles

Miles from flights – It is the most typical way to earn miles from this way. A person fly from one place to another in States and there are usually guaranteed miles earning of about 500 miles per trip. This is very good miles promotions form the airline because even though a person fly lesser than 500 miles from one city to another, they can still earn 500 miles minimum.

Base Miles — Those flight miles that count toward earning higher frequent flyer status, usually in the following year. Because airlines have become alliance or group, the miles you earn on many partner airlines usually be accumulated through one account on the following year. Be sure to check with your preferred airline’s frequent flyer desk if in doubt whether miles earned with a partner will count toward the frequent flyer status.

Elite Bonus Miles – When you have flown very often, you can gain higher rank in the hall of fame and when you have higher ranking, then, you have the opportunity to earn more miles than those lower rank. When you are the highest miles earners or you have flown more than other people, you can actually earn double miles on the way up and anywhere you fly to.

Ticket Class Matters – As mentioned, airline usually offer lesser miles for discounted tickets, but on the other hands, they offer higher points for those pay full price for tickets to trade-off. Also, frequent flyers that take business and first class can also earn more than the Y class or the economy class of about 25 up to 50% on the miles earning program.

Special Promotion or Route Bonus – Sometimes, the airline opens its new route, new aircraft, and new line of service, they will be promoting their service heavily pouring in promotions to attract passengers all over the country. This is the opportunity for you to earn more miles in this program.

Credit Cards – When purchasing airline tickets, from online or from the ticket office. You need to study very carefully on which credit card will offer you the best bonus miles from the purchase. Usually the credit card company will tie-in with the airline and that’s how people earn more miles toward the ticket purchase as well as other shopping in exchange for more miles.

Scenario for Miles Collecting

(Credit to : Guerilla Travel Tactics )

list of airline miles

list of airline that offer miles

The value of 1,000 miles can range from a low of $12 to a high of $100, depending upon how the miles are used. Let’s look at the following two examples:
  1. The most popular frequent flyer mile award is 25,000 miles for a free coach-class ticket within the United States or Canada. If you use this award to fly coast-to-coast for an itinerary that otherwise costs $300— a fare that can be obtained when purchased in advance with a Saturday stayover— then redeeming 25,000 miles saves $300. To determine the value of 1,000 miles in this instance, divide $300 by 25 and you come up with $12 per 1,000 miles (1.2 cents per mile).
  2. A traveler who wants to fly first class on an international flight uses 100,000 miles for a flight that retails at $10,000. The value of his award is calculated by dividing $10,000 by 100, which equals $100 per 1,000 miles (or 10 cents per mile).
As you can see, scenario 2 gives the traveler a whopping eight times greater value than 1! Do the math— it’s worth it! Why is this math so important? For two reasons:
  1. Simply because when you receive notification about a promotion that includes frequent flyer miles, you must calculate the value of those miles to judge whether you are getting a good deal— or not. For example, when a hotel offers you 1,000 bonus miles for a stay, the value of the miles can be as low as $12 (if you intend to use those miles toward a domestic free ticket that would otherwise cost $300) or as high as $100 (if you intend to use those miles toward a first-class international ticket that would otherwise cost $10,000). Refer to the calculation in the first paragraph of this section.
  2. Redeeming frequent flyer miles for an air ticket that would otherwise be inexpensive is poor value. For example, using 25,000 frequent flyer miles when you can purchase a very cheap $200 roundtrip ticket does not make sense. Conversely, the greatest value lies in using your frequent flyer miles for international business- or first-class tickets that would otherwise be very expensive.