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Marriott Frenchman’s Reef & Morning Star Beach Resort All-Inclusive

The USVI Vacation Promotion

With all of the popular destinations on sales and most of the time on the luxury resort from the Caribbean Ocean, USVI has its tempting image with the 3 islands lying on each other with the 2 sided oceans, the Atlantic and the Caribbean sea and thus this has made it very desirable to visit USVI or United States Virgin Island once in a lifetime. Today, the dream has come true, people have been dreaming to be there but the first limitation is the pricing and has done a good job offering the All Inclusive USVI vacation pricing for everyone who would book today. Starting from 4 nights with air in Marriot Frenchman’s Reef & morning Star Beach Resort for $2,409, the price has dropped down about 50% off and it is now $1,209. The second deal is at the Sugar Bay Resort and Spa on the top of the hill with 180 degree view for only $829 for 4 nights with air. Next is the Bolongo Bay Beach Resort at St.Thomas again for $1,129 and the last one is the Divi Carina Bay in St.Croix less than a thousand at $949 for one person including air. These promotions are offered by and it doesn’t require anyone to use Cheapcaribbean Promo Code.

USVI map

USVI map

Top Reasons for USVI

The US Virgin Island or United States Virgin Islands are comprised with 3 different islands. The first one is the St Croix, followed by St John, and St Thomas. Hundreds of thousands of visitors are visiting these paradise island every year and because of the 5 major reasons. The first one is absolutely for ladies, the USVI is not just a group of 3 islands but it has been the shopping destinations since in the past. Ladies love to come to this shopping paradise as they can find their unique shopping experiences without having to leave the island and shop somewhere else.

The second reason is the feeling that we are unable to tell and you have to be there yourself to say something about this feel. Because the USVI is surrounded by water and water and the islands are next to the Atlantic Sea as well as the Caribbean Sea. This is the special feature of USVI that whenever people are here, they can say they have been there to both Atlantic and Caribbean vacations. While there are 2 sided ocean, then, there are huge and numerous types of activities such as Kayaking, sport fishing, kite boarding, and so much more. This reason is the highest impact one for visitors to get attracted to USVI nowadays.

The third reason is the festival and carnivals; USVI usually has its huge party throughout the entire year. The party on the festival and carnivals are great since they have made the island to come back to live every night. People who visit USVI won’t usually miss them and they will always plan to stay there during the festive period and so they can join with the local and hangout with them to get some fun. Usually, the festival for St.Croix’s starts in December, St Thomas’s carnival in April every year, and for St.John, it is around June and July.

Love Drinking? Well, USVI has the best rum in the Caribbean. The rum is called Cruzan Rum and Captain Morgan Rum which are produced in these islands. Visitors won’t usually miss to pay their visit to the local distilleries and taste the fine distilled rum as it won’t be available anywhere else in the world.

Easy to get access to USVI is another top reasons these days. Nowadays, there are so many tours and all inclusive tours just like in to offer the best price for certain number of nights to stay. The flights are very easy to book as there are hundreds of flights to get there during a week. For U.S. Citizen, we don’t need to bring the passport along for the immigration and thus lesser trouble to get in there

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