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Credit Card Helps Fuel Sales Rocket

Have credit card fees got you down? Do you feel like you are wasting money? Well, that is probably because you are. You are now most likely thinking this is an article about some magical way to make those fees disappear, but it isn’t, sorry! According to Dan Simons’ article in The Kitchen Sink, he suggests that it is all about how you look at the situation.

The percentage of customers using plastic over cash is on a rise and not slowing down anytime soon. In 2012, 81 percent of money spent in the US at full-service restaurants was charged to debit, credit or pre-paid cards, which is an increase from years past, and quite a high percentage. Therefore, you cannot fight customers paying with credit cards. Times have changed and this is just how things are, but what you can do is use that information to your benefit.

using credit card to boost sales

Each time a credit card is swiped you immediately have stats such as: customer name, how much they spent, how much they tip, what time of day they visit, etc… That information can be remarkably beneficial. There are new innovative companies out there that will provide that information for you, and help you put that data to good use. Your credit card processor usually will not share this information for various reasons, so you have to find a “payment marketing” company that will.

There is an upscale-casual dining restaurant in Washington, D.C. that has put this marketing tool into effect. Through an online dashboard they were able to implement a frequent buyer program after learning how many return customers they have. They now are able to keep notes on their returning customers, and personalize their experience each time they return. It is time to switch your negative feelings about credit card processing over to positive ones, and start utilizing all of the data that you have right in front of you.

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