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videostudio ultimate x6 discount

Software: Corel VideoStudio Ultimate X6
Available at:
Price: $99.99
Version: Download or Box
Promotion: Introductory Pricing, Upgrade Discount
Coupon Code: Yes

Believe it or not has just finished its new video editing software which is considered the best in the industry at this moment. It has come out today with the same name with the ultimate version and it is VideoStudio Ultimate X6. VideoStudio Ultimate X6 is now being sold at discount for upgrade and for full version at today with the promotional premium package pack that comes free in the package. These special effects packs are such as proDAD Hanscript animation, NewBlue ColorFast, Boris Graffiti 6, ProDAD Mercalli SE, Vitascene V2 LE, ProDAD Rotopen, and other video special effects. Now, there are 3 ways to get tasted for VideoStudio Ultimate X6 today, the users can have the trial for a certain number of days, however, we would recommend to take advantage of the introductory pricing for VideoStudio Ultimate X6 with discount and opportunity to use corel coupon code and promotional discount code to get extra discount. The full version of VideoStudio Ultimate X6 is only at $99.99 with 30 day money back guarantee on the download option. The price also applies to the box version as well; however, customers need to handle some shipping fees along with their order. For those who have just had Windows 8, and the software is perfectly fit and compatible with Windows 7 and up.


Features & Review

The software that is the best matched for video recording, editing, and playing, can be nothing else but the VideoStudio X5 Ultimate, however, today, we have a better version of the X6 and it is the VideoStudio Ultimate X6 that has so much more features that no one can’t deny. It is agreeable that Corel, one of the longest history software publisher has been providing users with seamless software experiences and today the newer version of video editing tool has arrived with better features and editing capabilities.

variable speed timing and motion tracking

New motion tracking feature allows the user who has firstly received the raw video file to add effects, text, and images inn to the moving options. Imagine a person is roller skating, driving in the race car, or do whatever it is in the video. VideoStudio Ultimate X6 allows the users to add the person name, the screenshot of the person’s face, add in funny text or description of the person very easily. This feature allows adding the use of animations with transparent background adding numbers, speed, and other animations on whatever a person wants.

The next function is the variable speed, the video shooting at a person, a car, boat, or any moving objects can be slow down when the object is performing actions such as rocketing up to the sky, diving down from the high ground, by this the variable speed allows fast forwarding function moving the video from the unimportant event to the important scene to stay away from the lost time or unimportant events.

ultra high definition 4k

The Ultra HD 4K capabilities, normally, with the low quality video files or even an inferior video editing software, they allows video quality from 480p, 720p, 1080ip, and other variable. However, for VideoStudio Ultimate X6, it could bring up 4K o 3840 x 2160 video quality enhancing the video quality to reach the viewer’s maximum experiences.

For other functions, we would recommend to try the swap layers feature allowing the users to swap the video layers seamlessly. With custom motion paths, the users won’t be any happier when using this function. The example of the custom motion paths in VideoStudio Ultimate X6 is such as, a person can put the animation on the screen on whichever way they want it to enter the screen, think of the presentation file in Microsoft Presentation, it works just like that but with the video. The subtitle editor is also the new function of VideoStudio Ultimate X6 which is the auto detect speech capabilities that the users can pair the voice with the subtitle making it having lesser mistakes when translating the speech. The improved screen capture is another sweet function that we would like to recommend because it has been integrated with the new motion tracking feature allowing screen capture in video file works even better.

VideoStudio Ultimate X6 also allows the users to make their own tutorial video in order to share by entering the graphic, arrows, texts, and other animations in the video with the new feature DSLR stop motion. There are more features to find out today by upgrading or purchase the full version now.


Corel is developer of graphics, productivity, photo & video editing software with more than 100 million users. Corel’s portfolio includes: Jasc Software, InterVideo & Ulead. has a list of top sellers in which are very popular among the software users such as:

  1. VideoStudio Pro
  2. Paint Shop Pro Photo
  3. Painter
  4. WinDVD
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  6. CorelDRAW Graphics Suite
  7. Photo & Video Bundle
  8. WordPerfect Office
  9. Painter and Wacom Bundle
  10. PhotoImpact

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